Anker PowerHouse 200






Easy to use


Light weight


Value for money



  • Excellent safety with MultiProtect
  • Supports pass-through charging
  • Fast and safe charging with the advanced technology
  • Easy to use with ergonomic controls
  • Durable construction


  • The AC outlet is easy to damage

Portable power stations are perfect for power outages, extensive camping trips, and whenever you demand ample power on the go. Owning an Anker powerhouse 200 portable power station is a smart investment whether you intend to go on a trip or live in a region with frequent blackouts.

It is significant to buy a quality power station from an acclaimed brand. Anker is one such brand with a huge inventory of exceptional products. The Anker powerhouse 200 portable power stations are efficient, deliver a stable power supply, and can charge several mobile devices simultaneously. These units hold adequate power, versatility, and portability to deal with any challenge. Thanks to their compact dimensions, they are easy to carry around anywhere. End up with the powerhouse 200 portable power station meeting your needs with the following Anker powerhouse 200 portable power station review.

Anker PowerHouse 200 Portable Power Station

Anker PowerHouse 200 Portable Power Station

PowerHouse 200 is perfect for outdoor adventure and emergencies. It can also be used as auxiliary mobile power for home medical equipment. Efficient power, portability, and versatility justify that you made a wise investment in this portable power station. You can derive power from it in various ways. These include via a 110V AC outlet or USB-C power delivery car/wall charger or USB port or 12V car outlet.

When charging or powering multiple devices simultaneously, it does not sacrifice speed or power. The dedicated Power delivery port can recharge PowerHouse itself or deliver full-speed charge to a broad range of USB-C devices. Its universal compatibility implies that it can deliver power to mobile devices, computers, emergency equipment, and more.

Ergonomic controls let you easily control various aspects of this PowerHouse 200 power station. Despite the handle is sturdy, the power station does not feel heavy. You can effortlessly move it to various places without any safety hassles. It has ports for almost all types of electronic devices you want to charge. The ultra-compact design boasts a clean finish for a classic look. Anybody looking for a generator for micro-outages or camping, this PowerHouse 200 portable power station is a suitable choice. Things in the pack are a power cable, an AC adapter, and a welcome guide.

Key Features

  • The 57600 mAh battery has a rating of 213Wh.
  • Efficient charge output from this power station can charge a MacBook Pro 5+ times, a phone 12+ times, or you can operate tiny appliances like mini-fridges for 4+ hours.
  • Compatibility exists with 5-22V DC output solar chargers.
  • Pass-through charging is supported when connected through an AC outlet or a vehicle output.

Final Thoughts

The design of Anker powerhouse 200 portable power station joins fashion element, it is small and convenient, anyone can bring it to outdoor with one hand. Less than 7 pounds of weight makes Powerhouse 200 easy to package and carry. The Anker powerhouse 200 is charged with 60W USB Type-C PD input / output, it supports USB PD fast charging, and the small display on top can easily track your charging.

When you travel outside, the 200W power provided by Anker Powerhouse 200 is enough to allow your laptop full charged 6.5 times and the tablet full charged 10 times, or let your iphone full charged 24 times. You can also run a mini fridge with this powerhouse 200, it will provide the power supply to your fridge for more than seven hours. What’s more, it can even provide power supply for small medical devices such as CPAP, so with this Powerhouse 200 portable power station, you no longer need to worry about the power problem for your mobile electronic devices.

Top 10 Anker Powerhouse 200 Portable Power Station Reviews

1. Unique Companion

I live in a city were we suffer from a few Electric Blackouts every month (Caracas, Venezuela), and this Anker Powerhouse 200 helps me get through it.

And yes, it can power a domestic house fan for bit more than 4 hours. Unlike it’s big brother (the Anker Powerhouse 120.000), this version is lighter and more portable with a better design. The Anker Powerhouse 200 takes about 4h30 to 6h30m to fully charge itself.

In conclusion, it’s a must have for charging your gear while working outdoor or camping… or in my case, a must have when a national power outage occurs… PD: it can’t be brought on planes, this is a 200Wh unit, the max you can carry on a plane is a 100Wh power bank like the Anker PowerCore + 26800.

2. Truly a little Powerhouse

Anker Powerhouse 200 is a little beast, dense and well constructed. I purchased a Rockpals 100W Foldable Solar Panel Charger to go with it and could not be happier. This soaked up the solar power much faster than I thought it could and now I basically have my own mini solar power station. Speed of charging via USB C is also terrific. The versatility of the USB C power delivery, 2 USB A outputs, car output and regular AC outlet is a great thing to have for campers or anyone who just wants a nice portable or emergency power supply. It’s half the capacity of the original powerhouse [and also about half the original price] but the addition of USB C power delivery and lighter weight are good trade offs. Very happy with it.

3. An Excellent Generator

We were in the market for a portable and unassuming generator for micro power-outages. We need it to keep phones charged, potentially keep a router and modem charged for a few hours. This charger accomplishes this and much more. It looks great and has helped us out in a micro outage already. I would recommend Anker Powerhouse 200 to anyone in the market for a generator for camping or micro-outages.

4. Incredibly useful

Kinda got tired of working from home, and decided to work outdoors for a day. This giant power bank provided enough power for my laptop and cell phone for a 10 hour work day. I used my phone as a hot spot and used only audio on Zoom calls. Using video requires more CPU usage, and would likely burn up more power. By the time I shut down for the day, the power bank still had about 20% left. I suspect battery performance will decrease over time, but so do all battery powered devices.

The power bank is stylish and not too heavy. But it’s heavy enough to break itself if dropped. The front display and trim is all plastic, so handle gently. Mine came partially charged, and a little a dusty with a few scuff marks. So I’m not sure if this was a returned item, or maybe there are some quality issues at the factory. The power bank worked fine, so I decided not to return it. I wish Anker would seal their boxes though.

Apparently, you can power small appliance with Anker Powerhouse 200 as long as it’s below 100 watts. I don’t plan on taking any appliances with me when I go camping, but it’s nice to know I can.

5. Exceeds Expectations – Anker Powerhouse 200

It is advertised to be able to run a CPAP for 2+ hrs or 5+ hrs depending on where you look. I tested it my CPAP a ResMed 10. With the humidifier off an 8hr night I used less than half of the power. With the humidifier on it still had 20% left after an 8 hr night.

6. A must! – Anker Powerhouse 200

The possible applications for this product is a never ending list.

In a room of your home with too few outlets or none that are close? Powerhouse. Tailgating? Power outage? Severe weather situation? Bugout bag? All can be answered by this product. It is (in my opinion) perfect. I only wish that the battery is bigger. I know they have an older model (without usb PD) that has a bigger battery but I love that this offers usb PD. Buy. it, you won’t regret it. I’m thinking of buying another for emergencies.

7. Perfect for a Digital Nomad working from the beach

This got my 15″ 2017 macbook pro through a whole day of vscode, terraform, and zoom calls while I sipped frozen rum drinks on the beaches of USVI. I’d get it down to zero and fully recharge overnight the whole time I was down there.

The power output on the PD is slightly too low for the intel macbook pros to not slowly drain through the day, so I had to upconvert from the AC adapter which wasted a bit more power in the conversion than if I ran directly off PD. I imagine as the M1 chip models roll out it will be more than enough to charge directly off of PD.

In direct sunlight this little guy runs really hot so I recommend keeping it somewhere shady and giving it rests if it starts to get too hot.

8. Great Anker Powerhouse 200

Excellent construction as expected from an Anker product. For years I’ve been willing to pay a bit more for the consistency of product from Anker. Anker Powerhouse 200 was actually more compact than expected, no issues out of the box and in all the test runs we’ve had. We bought it as a long road trip and emergency home backup, and it has been working as advertised!

9. Good alt to expensive CPAP back ups. High quality and smaller then expected

I have to say Anker delivers a good product. Right away I was pleased with how much smaller and sturdy it was then I was expecting even after reading the dimensions. the screen is easy to read and over all the battery is very easy to use.

I got this as I am planning a trip where I will not have power at night for my CPAP but can recharge during the day. As I am taking this trip by car and will use it my home also the fact this unit is not permitted on planes didn’t bother me.

I charged it up and plugged my CPAP in for a test night. I use a Resmed Airsense 10 Autoset and I am set to 19 so the machine draws a lot of power. for the first test I turned off the humidity heater to minimize power consumption. I got 7.5 hours of sleep and I awoke to it still having a 50% charge. I normally get 6-7 hours of sleep so I may be able to turn the humidity ona little but it was not horrible sleeping without it. I will run more tests to see what I can do.
Overall though this was a successful test and I will be able to rely on this should I lose power at home and for my upcoming trip.

10. 2 thumbs up, exceptional customer service.

I’ve had this product (Anker Powerhouse 200) for over a year and it’s been a life saver. But one of the charging ports stopped working recently and I contacted ANKER to let them know the issue. Without hesitation they apologized for the inconvenience and stressed that was unacceptable. Long story short (Dexter ANKER rep) emailed me a shipping label and asked that I send it back cause they’re sending me a new one. WHAT?! No running around the block? No 100 questions not believing me. Dexter solidified why ANKER is a great product company and why their customer service is exceptional. I HIGHLY recommend this product and this company. 2 THUMBS UP, 5 STARS. Also Anker has an 18mo warranty (as long as you buy from an authorized seller).

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