Anker PowerHouse II 300


Quality of material


Charging power


Easy to read


Value for money



  • Smart LED display shows all important information
  • Packs a lot of power in a compact size
  • Suitable for long-term use
  • Durable and comfortable to grab rubbery handle
  • Multiple ports available to meet various charging needs


  • Comes with only one AC plug

Portable power stations are perfect for power outages, extensive camping trips, and whenever you demand ample power on the go. Owning an Anker powerhouse II 300 portable power station is a smart investment whether you intend to go on a trip or live in a region with frequent blackouts.

It is significant to buy a quality power station from an acclaimed brand. Anker is one such brand with a huge inventory of exceptional products. The Anker powerhouse II 300 portable power stations are efficient, deliver a stable power supply, and can charge several mobile devices simultaneously. These units hold adequate power, versatility, and portability to deal with any challenge. Thanks to their compact dimensions, they are easy to carry around anywhere. End up with the powerhouse II 300 portable power station meeting your needs with the following Anker powerhouse II 300 portable power station review.

Anker PowerHouse II 300 Portable Power Station

Anker PowerHouse II 300 Portable Power Station

PowerHouse 300 is one of the best Anker portable power station in terms of compatibility and versatility. Its 8 ports deliver adequate charging options to power almost all types of devices you carry along to your adventure or trip. It is optimized to supply constant power to those devices with a rating lower than 300W. You will admire the continuous, efficient charging output when the unit is used as a solar generator.

Not just small appliances but this portable power station can power large devices like light equipment that demand up to 300W power. The smart LED display keeps track of essential information while you charge. You get details of parameters like the current input and output status, residual battery capacity, and the approximate time to fully recharge the battery. The pack consists of all accessories you may need for charging on the go. You get a 65W adapter, a car port to DC cable, a USB-C to USB-C cable, USB-A to USB-C cable, and a welcome guide.

Key Features

  • The 288Wh capacity is adequate to charge multiple devices at once.
  • Charging can be done through its 110V AC outlet or 65W USB-C Power Delivery or as a solar generator.
  • 8 devices can be simultaneously charged through a 60W USB-C port or a 300W AC outlet or 3 USB-A ports or 2 DC ports or a car socket.
  • The ability to charge an iPhone 12 20 times, an iPad Air 7 times, MacBook Air (2020) 3-4 times, or a camera 16+ times indicates its fast charging speed.
  • High-speed charging ability is indicated from the fact that the unit can charge a MacBook Air 2020 to 50% capacity within 40 minutes. This is accomplished through a built-in 60W PowerIQ 3.0 USB-C port.
  • While charging up to 81% capacity, this power station continues to recharge through the USB-C and DC ports. After that, the USB-C port automatically turns off and DC charging goes on.
  • The built-in flashlight can be manipulated as low brightness, full brightness, and SOS modes.
  • The LED light bar delivers calming, ambient light.
  • The DC input port allows recharging through solar panels. Therefore, you can directly recharge PowerHouse through sunlight.
  • Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) is supported for more efficient power transfer.

Final Thoughts

Portable power station provides users with minimum emergency power supply guaranteed in the case of power outage, so that users are comfortable to wait for power recovery. From The above Anker powerhouse II 300 portable power station review, it becomes quite clear to pick the most suitable power station meeting your needs.

Anker powerhouse II 300 includes an AC outlet, a 60W USB-C socket and three USB-A sockets, it also has a car socket and two DC ports, which can provide power to many small appliances, such as mini fridge and heaters, and they keep your electronics products such as laptops and smartphones charged and running for a long time.

Top 10 Anker Powerhouse II 300 Portable Power Station Reviews

1. Anker Powerhouse II 300 is Great for Camping

I bought Anker Powerhouse II 300 for camping. First use was Raganr Trail Appalachians run. Combined with the ROCKPALS SP003 100W Foldable Solar Panel for Jackery Explorer/Flashfish/BALDR/Goal Zero Portable Power Station Generator and USB Devices, Portable Solar Panel Charger with 3 USB Ports I purchased we had enough juice to power everyone’s devices (phones, airpods, etc) for the entire weekend. This Anker Powerhouse II 300 is light, compact, and packs a lot of power. I will be keeping it near my emergency stuff for when power goes out at the house as well.

2. Battery for days!

I needed something when on jobs, Wedding Videographer that I can have no doubt I can charge anything I may possibly need on the go, multiple times over. Camera batteries, rechargeable batteries for mics and lights. My cell phone if needed. It’s nice to be able to use a battery and just pop it on to charge (even though I have like 5 backups lol, it’s a safe keeping peace of mind knowing you’ll never run out).

I’ve even used Anker Powerhouse II 300 for weekend getaways at the cabin with no power and was able to keep my phone charged and other devices up and running for 3 days no problem. And the light was a nice touch!

3. Use everyday – Awesome purchase!

Very useful and I use it everyday beside my bed to charge phone, batteries and other devices. I take it with me often to charge my tool batteries for my drills and saws. I can charge it with my solar system (takes a bit longer) and totally be independent of commercial power for small items. Highly recommended!

4. A power station with first class quality and performance!

This is a nice portable power station that weighs in at 9.24 pounds. It comes with a nice carrying handle and it is solidly built. This Anker Powerhouse II 300 power station has a lot of features and it is easy to use. I like quality of construction and how well it is built. It stands up to the Anker quality name. It is an excellent choice for an emergency backup power supply. You can charge or use up to 8 devices simultaneously.

It comes with:

• An AC wall charger with a 60 inch AC power cord and a 58.5 inch charging cable
• A car charging cable 41.5 inches long
• A USB-C to USB-C charging cable that is 24 inches long
• A USB to USB-C charging cable that is 24 inches long

The AC charger uses 100 to 240 VAC at either 50 or 60 HZ at 1.8 Amps. It’s output is 24 Volts DC at 2.7 Amps at 65 Watts. It is UL and CE listed. The unit comes with an instruction manual that is weak and it needs to be improved for those that are not technically inclined. You can charge the PowerHouse 4 different ways. You can used the AC charger, use the USB-C to USB-C cable plugged into the front IQ port, use a solar charger that is not supplied or use the car charging cable and charge it with your car. It is very flexibly designed to keep your Powerhouse unit operating for you under many conditions.

When the unit is charging the display will tell you how many Watts of power is incoming and how many hours it will take to charge the unit. It also shows you the charged level of the Powerhouse. The unit has 3 USB IQ ports with 36 Watts of output per port. The USB-C port can output 60 Watts of charging power. There is a car socket charger port that outputs 12VDC up to 120 Watts. There is an AC plug port the will work with a load of up to 300 Watts maximum. The AC output is a pure sine wave which is ideal for your sensitive electronics.

On one side of the Anker Powerhouse II 300 is a flashlight and a power button. You can set the flashlight at low brightness, high brightness or to flash the SOS Morse code message. On the back of the Powerhouse II 300 is a light strip and a power button. You can set the light to low, medium or high brightness.

The display on the unit is very nice. It tells you:

  • The charging Wattage
  • The time required to reach a full charged status
  • Whether the unit is set up for either 50 or 60HZ output. Be careful with this setting and make sure it is setup to match the frequency required by your appliances. The USA standard is 60 HZ! You press the left car charger button and the center DC output control button to switch between 50 and 60 HZ and back and forth.
  • The charged percentage level
  • A hot or cold alert
  • How many Watts of output power is being used
  • The estimated time remaining before the Powerhouse runs out of power.

The unit comes with an 18 month warranty. Make sure that the first thing that you do is fully charge the Powerhouse before you use it. My only concern is that the AC charger that comes with the unit was warm and it reached a temperature of 145.5 degrees F on the bottom of the charger while charging the Powerhouse unit. This seems excessive as most electronics are rated to be about 122 degrees F when operating. The normal standard is that the temperature rise should be 20 degrees C over the ambient room temperature.

Overall tAnker Powerhouse II 300 is an outstanding product and it performs well. I rated it at 5 stars and I recommend it to you.

5. An amazing little power station – Anker Powerhouse II 300

Anker is pretty much the kind of USB battery banks so I knew as soon as I saw they were producing these larger power stations I just knew I had to try it out. So happy I did.

I’ll briefly explain my main reason for getting this Anker Powerhouse II 300 power station. I am a videographer by trade. Often I am shooting in remote locations where I do not have access to plugin power. I have high power video lights than I simply must use for my video work. This power station was able to power not only my 80w lights but it could also power my larger 150w and 200w lights as well!

If like me you want to use this for things like video lighting or other sensitive electronics there is a particular feature that you MUST have which this power station from Anker has. This is Pure Sine power via the AC port. This will provide consistent clean power. If a power station does not have this you could potentially damage your sensitive electronics.

Most budget power stations, and yes this price point of the Anker Powerhouse II 300 is certainly in the budget category, the LED screen is tiny. That isn’t the case here. It’s large bright and bold. So easy to see your settings at just a glance. The build quality is mostly plastic but it’s thick beefy plastic. I feel I could drop this a few times and it would keep on ticking.

All in all I am incredibly happy with Anker Powerhouse II 300 portable power station. It’s priced right for what you get.

6. The interface is just about PERFECT.

I never thought too much about these battery “generators” power stations before. As long as they get you power to your device, what else can make a difference, right? WRONG!!! I didn’t know what I was missing until I got this ANKER. The information it provides in addition to the standard blinking battery bar is priceless.

So I currently have two of these Battery power stations that are similarly rated, and configured. They both work and they both power but where the ANKER shines is in its design and the interface and the information screen that is so useful and informative. From pictures, you can see that the BIG, highly contrasted screen is so easy to read and its laid out to make sense.. Underneath you have three buttons. one button turns on the cigarettes lighter plug, the middle button turns on the USB plugs, and on the right you can turn on the AC outlet. You can figure it all out without trying to squint to read the tiny print or cryptic icons to operate the power station, and all of it guided by a simple small blue LED right above the button to indicate if that section is active or not.

But that’s not even the best part…you can operate any combination of the three powering options and the display on the right give you all of the other info the “flashing battery bar doesn’t. Look carefully at the three pictures that look the same and you can see that while the power station is at 50% (or 3 of 5 bars) the display on the right changes and shows how many watts is being drawn and what that equates to in time remaining at that consumption rate. From the three pictures, you can see the increased power draw as I turned on each additional section until I was using all three sections and the draw was high and the time remaining was very short. This information is so useful to me especially if I’m out in the woods and using this to power many small items. On the left side of the display is where it tells you how much power is being used to charge the power station and how long it would take at that rate (also SUPER useful). as you can see if I plus this PowerStation into a standard iPhone 5 watt charging brick, I’m not necessarily getting 5 watts and this will take me over 30 hours to recharge half of the battery capacity.

Other favorable mentions is that this unit also includes a myriad of ports, including a USB-C port that can provide power as well as charge the unit. Lastly there are two lighting options on this power station. Very useful in a pinch or during a power outage.

There are many brands out there that provide the same type of device, but the interface makes the ANKER a clear winner in my eyes as it is clearly heads and shoulders above most of the pack in terms of the functionality of the unit while being a little cheaper then the well known brands. As a note, I also only gave this 4 stars for charging power because there are other 300Wh units out there that can deliver up to 500 watts max while this one is rated and protected to 300 watts.

I can honestly say that I will recommend this to all of my friends, family, and anyone else WITHOUT HESITATION!

7. Versatile High-Quality Anker Powerhouse II 300

Anker Powerhouse II 300 is an amazing Power Station. Lots of these power stations you have to be careful about not overloading them and how you charge them. This one is amazingly smart. Basically, if you can plug something in, it should work.

Shortly after this power station arrived we lost power in the house. We’ve lived here 20+ years and only lost power a couple of times so we weren’t prepared. My wife was working from home and unfortunately, her laptop was dead so we thought the day was going to be a write-off. Thankfully we had charged the power station and plugged it in to run both the laptop and one of her screens. I was pleased to see the laptop charge to full quickly and and even after 8 hours of work she was able to finish the day and there was still over 30% charge left in the power station.

This power station has been able to handle everything we’ve thrown at it. The full complement of ports including USB-C make it a easy choice for any camping trip. Being able to charge the power station in slightly over 3 hours when using the included AC charger and USB-C chargers is fantastic when you are needing to fill up an empty charger so you can take it with you charged again. This past winter we had some friends who were without power for days after an ice storm, I wish I had this then to be able to share with them.

Overall could not be happier with this Anker Powerhouse II 300. It is incredibly smart and useful.

8. What an absolute life saver – camping, at home, and at work

The Anker Portable Generator was only meant to be used for a camping trip I had and it went great! The generator kept a laptop and 2 phones charged over the course of an entire week along with using the large warm light.

The light came in handy when the power went out and I was in the garage working on a project and found it exceptional useful at junkyards where my power tools needed a charge.

The quality of the plastic is great, my only concern if you are using it in a really touch environment would be scratches on the screen. The lettering on the screen is easy to view and auto-turns off so it can be used within a tent. I never heard any audible noise from it too!

You can charge this with a USB-C charger, which I’ve done, but you can also charge it quicker with the included wall adapter. It takes a few hours to charge but has the possibility to charge via solar.

Overall, Anker Powerhouse II 300 is a really great quality unit – I’ve found other portable generators to have quality issues with booting and charging devices via USB. The Anker unit has proved itself to be reliable in temperatures down to 10F!

9. Great source of power for a ton of circumstances

Anker Powerhouse II 300 portable power station is super versatile, It can power a light, it can power multiple phones, it can basically do it all.

There are also two lights on this device that serve different purposes, a more focused beam like a flashlight on the side, and a more warm lantern light for camping and the like. I really like the lantern light because it is a very warm hue and good for you at night.

It can only power 300W worth of AC power which could be limiting for some, there are others comparable that can get much higher if you look for them, but all in all this is a solid product. I do wish it came with a solar panel but you can theoretically get any solar panel that charges via USB C since it does charge that way and also with the included DC adapter (Which gets fairly hot so be careful)

10. Great quality

There’s certainly a solid feel to this Anker Powerhouse II 300. Bang for the buck it’s likely on the more expensive end but that’s what you pay for the name. In this case it’s worth it. The Anker brand lets you know that the components inside the case will still be viable and working in a year. It’s best to not cheap out on something you will rely on in the wilderness or during emergencies.

I paired this with a 100W panel from BougeRV and it makes for a quick deployment camper power station. It’s a little on the big/heavy side for a 300W bank but it’s got a nice light and solid connectors. I did encounter some issues with the included 12V supply/charger and the bank overloading it. Those issues went away on their own but was a bit unsetting.

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