ATEM POWER 200W Portable Solar Panel






Easy to fold


Value for money



  • Its solar cells offer the fastest possible charging speed
  • Can be packed down to 1/8 of its full size
  • Can stay stable in windy conditions
  • Quick and easy to set up with all required accessories included


  • Poor solar charge controller

ATEM POWER 200W Portable Solar Panel

ATEM POWER 200W Portable Solar Panel

The alternate name of this solar panel is a foldable solar charger. It contains monocrystalline solar cells with a 20A MPPT charger controller. From this panel, you can obtain a 5V USB output for charging 12V batteries. Furthermore, you can use this panel as a power station for a camper or RV.

The foldable design and sturdy carrying handle offer excellent portability. 8 stitched loops are included to safely use this panel in windy conditions.

The list of included accessories is a 200W monocrystalline (folding) solar blanket, an MPPT solar controller, an extension cable (450 cm long) with 50A Anderson Plugs, a cable (50 cm long) with Alligator clips, 50A Anderson to 30A Anderson connector cable (50 cm long), two 30A Anderson to multifunctional DC connector cable (70 cm long), a user manual, and a carry bag.

Key Features

  • The included premium PET films provide a light penetration rate of up to 95%.
  • The A-grade monocrystalline solar cells offer the fastest possible charging speed and maximum energy conversion efficiency of up to 21%.
  • This panel can charge lead acid, AGM, Calcium, Gel, and LiFePO4 batteries. Also, it can charge portable devices through the USB port.
  • Dimensions and weight: 19.49 x 14.96 x 4.72 inches; 17.38 pounds.

Top 10 Reviews of ATEM POWER 200W Portable Solar Panel

1.Portable solar panels with high watt

This is one of the higher wattage solar panel available that is portable. I really love that it can be folded into a suit case with a pocket to hold all the charging cable and controller.

I got this primary to charge battery and my power stations. It came with the controller and battery clamps, and you can charge a car battery with it. I did have to buy adapters separately for the power station, but that was pretty cheap since it’s just cables and you don’t need a controller.

The panel covers have a decent size footprint, about the size of a standard suv front windshield. It picks up tons of power from the sun and charges the battery quickly when I used in in the afternoon. I lay both battery and panels on the fake law, and it did get a bit hot. I think a better way is to put this on a table and put the battery under its shade. The panels can handle the heat, but it’s not good for the battery to get too hot in the sun.

Overall this met my expectations and I’m charging solar power banks to use indoor. Better for the environment and better for my wallet.

2. High quality the only solar panel you’ll need for traveling and camping

Very happy with this solar panel. there are many convenient features that it comes with the whole thing folds up into a travel bag. comes with many accessories you’re able to charge not only small devices but you’re able to charge the solar panel through batteries or you can charge car batteries with it as well. the panel cells are made of very high quality which is awesome we had a smaller one but we needed something with bigger power capacity and this one is perfect because it’s huge it literally took up our whole room floor. I’m pretty sure you can use this with an RV you can use it with travel trailers you can use it as a camping charging accessory repair it with our solar generator and we’re able to have power all the time wherever we go very satisfied with this solar panel and I think it’s definitely worth the price.

3.This is my second 200W portable solar panel

I have to say this is the better, built one that seems to charge my power stations faster. I’m not saying my other one is horrible, but I believe this is a higher quality set of panels in this fold up, portable solar charging station. Both my power stations are portable as well which I like to keep with this solar panel. I have a regular car and do like to go camping, but I tend to be more of a glamping girl instead of a primitive camping girl, meaning I want to listen to tunes and maybe later in the evening watch a movie on a little DVD player I bring with me. So with my cell phone and USB lights and a few other items I bring with me, I need to have my power stations and a way to get them charged up – this solar panel does charge the power station fast (for solar) and the power it provides is free!

4. Nice compact panels.

This set of panels works great. It’s nice and compact but as a result it’s a dense and heavy package. It’s nice for a van or camper top mount where you don’t care about getting the most efficiency by pointing directly at the sun but need the convenience of a blanket.

I ran these for a few days with various sets of LiFePO4 batteries and the controller did a good job of charging everything as I expected. I didn’t make any calculations based on the size and output but nothing was glaringly wrong.

I definitely like the fit and finish of this package. These are first rate panels.

5. Nice solar blanket setup

This is a very nice panel – while I don’t own one, my first experience with a 200+ w solar blanket is from a company called off grid trek. I’ve been wanting a portable solar blanket setup ever since.

This is a failrly good sized panel but the foldability makes it easier to place on the hood, windshield, roof or side of the camper among others. It’s roughly 76” wide, which in my case is about the width of a full size ford F350 windshield . On a cloudy Arizona day I was still generating about 21+ v.

The construction of the panels and the fabric holding it all together appears to be of good quality and also appears to be pretty durable. I also like the fact that it folds to a fairly flat stored setup. That make for less wasted space during travel.

I like the Anderson connector setup as it gives some flexibility of what or how you plug it in. I currently use this a supplemental charging for my truck camper, but will be likely migrating to solar generator.

The controller is ok, but will likely upgrade to a better controller where I can see better what’s going on. That said, it does come with a controller, so you can use it with 12V right out of the gate. If there was an option to upgrad to a better controller, that could be a plus.

Overall- very pleased with this setup.

6. A really BIG solar “blanket” to keep you powered up.

This is a set of 8 solar panels connected together that fold up into something that looks like a portfolio. Unfolded it will pretty much cover a picnic table. I gave it a test on the absolute worst day for solar, January 1 when the sun is very low in the sky. It was about 2pm and clear skys. My “portable solar power station” reported it was charging at about 65 watts which is close to it’s maximum rate. Yes, that’s not the advertised 200 but this time of year you can’t really expect that. I have another set of panels that were giving out a similarly reduced amount in today’s sun. To get max power make sure the panels are facing the sun at the same angle and turn them as the sun moves through the sky. If you’re not getting enough sun for max power, you can use some simple aluminum foil reflectors to boost the amount of sun you’re getting.

The panels are encased in a nylon cloth which is very sturdy and makes them easy to fold up. Unfortunately this setup doesn’t have any kind of built-in kickstand to keep it facing directly at the sun. And yes this does make a difference when the sun isn’t directly overhead. There are a set of sturdy loops you can use to hang this on something or keep it from blowing in the wind. If you have some kind of awning or tent tilted towards the sun, you could put it there to get a better angle, or park your car facing the sun and drape the panels over the hood and windshield. There is also a pouch on the side which is big enough to hold all the cables and accessories. It has a nice rubber handle that is easy to grip.

It comes with a number of different cables and adapters including Anderson style plugs, an aviation connector and a set of battery clips. With these you can plug it directly in to most “portable solar power stations”, they also give you a separate MPPT battery charge controller. This will let you charge most any kind of battery, including a car battery, using the heavy duty clips. Unfortunately, even though this is a really powerful panel, this controller has only one USB-A output, on a 200W panel it would have been nice to have a few more or a USB-C high-power output for laptop charging. If you need something better, you can get aftermarket charge controllers with more features.

Pretty sure this is not waterproof, so keep it out of the rain. Also I noticed that the charge controller some buyers got seems different from mine. I got the one showed in the ad, but other people got one with an LCD screen and two USB ports, not sure why.

This would be great for RV or car camping to provide extra power, at 17 pounds it’s a bit heavy to take on a hiking trip. Unless you plan to be out in the wild for a long time, even a whole bunch of power banks would probably be lighter.

While these are great for emergency power, you still need sun! I can remember times when we lost power for several days due to bad storms and stormy weather means clouds and clouds means no sun! There are going to be times when you need power and can’t get it from solar so it’s always good to have some charged power banks and a hand crank generator, just in case!

7. As portable and powerful as it gets. Plenty of applications and ports for the one you may need.

So i finally had the chance to put this Solar Panel Blanket to the test today at the park to recharge my 500W Power Station that i intentionally didn’t (fully) charge.

As shown on the listing, this ATEM Portable Solar Panel blanket came with everything, accessory-wise you need to set it up to charge your power station, i’ve got a Jackery and a less-known brand name and this Solar Panel came with DC connectors for both.

It came with a MPPT unit with the following outputs:
– (1) USB 5V 2.4A
– (1) DC Output that goes to an Anderson connection, and then the DC connector actually charges your Power Station.

Build Quality 5/5:
This is a self contained, folding, mounted on heavy canvas set of panels with a back pocket for the MPPT/Ports and the wires/connectors. It folds and closes the last portion that it’s secured by a thick, secure velcro.

I didn’t find any weak spots or loose threads or any signs poor craftsmanship. It feels solid and with reasonable care should last a very long time. Most of the portable solar panels come with adjustable legs to point at a perpendicular angle to the sun but this one didn’t, i assume it’s due to its sheer size, portable but still would take heavy legs to hold it, but came with canvas hooks, so something can be improvised there to maximize the solar input.

Setting it Up 5/5:
As easy as opening the velcro, unfolding it, finding something where you lay it on at the right angle (use the can trick to know the perfect angle where you’re capturing the sun as perpendicularly as you can, find the right adapter to the Power Station you want to charge, or if a USB device, just connect it to the MPPT and voila!

Performance 5/5:
ATEM Power is a reputable company, so i have no doubts this will reach the advertised output, but the most juice i could get out of this Panel Array was 80W, BUT it may have been my Power Station Input limits as well as i did not test how much wattage/voltage was putting out using a different/calibrated meter, but it never dropped voltage, so i suspect the cap was on my power station DC input.

Value 5/5:
At $240 at the time of the review, this Portable Solar Panel Array is a great deal, feels solid, Monocrystalline Panels, adapters to charge most power stations and the option to use the included MPPT unit or add a different one with different features, customization is great!

Overall this is a solid, portable product that is not overly heavy, won’t break the bank and will keep you out there for longer. It’s my go-to when i plan an outing where i take my power station, just don’t get it wet and it’ll be fine, recommended!

8. Nice and Compact

I am really looking forward to using these and like the compact aspects along with it being 200 wats. It easily fits, When folded up, into my jeep or overland trailer. The quality of these panels looks good and seems as though they will hold up well. They came with a wide assortment of solar adapters but I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t come with the SAE plug adapter which is what both my trailers have. I did purchase the SAE adapter separately from another supplier as well as a 10 gauge 20’ and 10’ extension cord, which is no big deal. So stay tuned for the performance test soonest as I put this to use.

9. Even though it’s rated at 200 watts reality is more like 152 is best.

Size: 200W
Portable a little heavy but no much, got 152 real watts high noon, sunny no overcast in California.

10. 5.0 out of 5 stars Monster of a portable panel…

Been getting into alternative energy lately and panels like this are very useful You start unfolding it and it just keeps going! It’s a large panel and folds up very nicely. Just make sure to pay attention to how it’s folded when you open it. I did not and it took me a while to get it folded up correctly.

Really like how many cables it comes with, great selection. The DC barrel cord fit two of my power stations perfectly. Only wish they had the cables separated. The one with the DC barrel jack also has other connections on it. Not a big deal, just would be nice to have a cable for each.

Put it out in the yard and without much messing my power station was showing a solid 60W on a less than bright day. Charged up the station pretty quickly.

The panels are not 100% perfect, there are small flaws or marks, but doubt it will affect the panels. They are well made. And everything folds up with a nice carrying case.

Little on the pricey side, but you do get 200W and it’s quality. You get what you pay for. Would gladly recommend!