Plenty of ways are available if you determine to begin an eco-friendlier life. Reduction in carbon footprint and stepping forward to eco-friendly life is simplified with the use of a portable solar panel. One of such eco-friendly products that work on solar energy is the 100w portable solar panel.

Being a large investment, you need to make sure the solar panel you choose lasts for several years and provide reliable power. A 100W portable solar panel does not just serve you with adequate sources of energy, it can also become your best companion for use on a long road trip. Being portable, you can easily carry it by folding it in a tiny suitcase. To eliminate your confusion on how to pick up the best 100w portable solar panel, we have highlighted the best ones along with a section on how to choose them.

List of The Best 100W Portable Solar Panel

How To Choose The Best 100W Portable Solar Panel?

Herein, we will discuss the significant factors that can influence your buying decision for the best 100W portable solar panel.

1. Types of solar panels

Firstly, you need to focus on the type of solar panels used in the solar generator. 3 major types are monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels.

Monocrystalline solar panels are very efficient. They are constructed from a single silicon crystal which is sliced into wafers. Usually, these types of panels boast the highest efficiency and power capacity compared to all other types. The efficiencies vary from 17% to 20%.

Polycrystalline solar panels possess solar cells that contain multiple crystalline fragments of silicon.  They are less expensive than monocrystalline solar panels. Moreover, they come with 25+ years of lifespan.

Thin film solar panels are made up of a wide range of materials including Gallium arsenide, Amorphous silicon, Copper indium gallium arsenide (CIGS), and Cadmium Telluride (CdTe).  Every wafer of a thin-film cell is quite thinner compared to other types of solar panels. So, they provide excellent flexibility and would not damage easily.

Each of these solar panel types has its own benefits. Assess your application and how you are going to use it. Depending on that, you can choose the most appropriate type.

2. Efficiency

It implies the percentage of the sunlight striking on the panels which ultimately transforms into useful power. It is vital to choose a 100W solar panel that assures a decent efficiency rating else you won’t obtain enough power from it. Also, an inefficient solar panel won’t perform well in different outdoor conditions. If the efficiency rating is low then you would perhaps need more solar panels to obtain the desired output. Generally, the efficiency of 100W portable solar panels ranges from 15% to 24%.

3. Connectivity options

A solar panel can’t work in isolation. It is inevitable to connect it to other components like controllers, inverters, and batteries to store the produced power. When you choose a quality 100W portable solar panel kit, it is straightforward to make the connection. A quality kit provides necessary cabling and compatibility with a wide range of batteries. When purchasing, focus on the kit equipped with decent quality cabling and some high-end components such as crocodile clips. Many 100W solar panels are packed with DC adapters and other connectors for ease of connection.

4. Positive output tolerance

100W portable solar panels with this feature offer solar durability. It makes sure the panel can sustain any weather and temperature. It is better to choose the one with up to 3% of positive output tolerance.

Check out the thorough reviews of the best 100W portable solar panel below.

1. ROCKPALS SP003 100W Foldable Solar Panel

ROCKPALS SP003 100W Foldable Solar Panel

Are you looking for a solar panel that can be equipped with power station generators of different brands? If yes then this ROCKPALS SP003 panel is the best 100w portable solar panel in terms of compatibility and efficiency. It can work with portable power station generators from brands like Jackery Explorer, BALDR, Flashfish, and Goal Zero. Also, it can work with various USB devices.

With the included varied size of connectors, you can use it to charge smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, GPS, etc. The included 8 mm DC adapter offers compatibility with solar power stations from Jackery.

There is the use of quality oxford cloth for durability. Being IPX4 water-resistant, it can endure all weather conditions. So, you can use it for a picnic, camping, hiking, etc. The foldable and portable design offers ease of carrying around. 10 DC connectors, an MC4 cable, and a user manual are included in the pack.

Key Features

  • Built-in smart IC chip smartly recognizes your devices. It maximizes its charging speed and protects your devices against overloading and overcharging.
  • The charging current from USB ports is monitored and automatically adapted as per the sunlight level.
  • The incorporated solar cells provide energy efficiency of up to 23.5%.

Pros And Cons

  • Wide compatibility with various portable power station generators
  • The rugged design offers durability
  • Very handy and versatile
  • Can withstand all weather conditions
  • Devices stay protected while charging
  • Can charge only up to some limited wattage value

2. Renogy 100 Watt Monocrystalline Off Grid Solar Panel

Renogy 100 Watt Monocrystalline Off Grid Solar Panel

Renogy 100w solar panels are available as a whole solar power system integrated into a small package. The pack contains two 50W monocrystalline solar panels, a 20A waterproof Voyager charger controller, a protective case for portability, and a tray cable with alligator clips for hassle-free connection to the battery.

The ideal output is 500 Watt hours per day. This may vary based on sunlight availability. For longevity, these panels are designed using the corrosion-resistant aluminum stand, heavy-duty handle, and latches. The folded dimensions are 19.9 inches x 27. 2 inches x 2.8 inches. The cable from the charge controller to the alligator clips is 9.9 feet long.

Key Features

  • The included 5-stage solar charge controller offers overcharge protection and reduces fire risk.
  • This controller has a negative-ground charge for compatibility with trailer, boat, RV, etc.
  • It can work with are flooded, gel, sealed/AGM, and lithium batteries.
  • The backlit LCD screen displays all necessary data and error codes.
  • The range of operating temperature is -40°F to +185°F.
  • The IP66 waterproof build resists various outdoor elements.

Pros And Cons

  • The low-voltage system prevents electric shock hazards
  • Clear backlit LCD screen shows accurate detail
  • Long cable offers ease of installation
  • Comes in a well-padded carry case
  • Affordably priced
  • Black paint would scratch easily
  • Heavy weight compared to other 100W portable solar panels

3. Jackery SolarSaga 100W Portable Solar Panel

Jackery SolarSaga 100W Portable Solar Panel

Are you in search of a solar panel with a high energy conversion rate? If yes then this Jackery product is the best 100W portable solar panel for your need. It offers a power conversion efficiency of up to 23%. This aspect implies that the panel efficiently turns solar power into useful energy. For off-grid camping and unforeseen power outage, this panel is an ideal choice.

The ETFE-laminated case is splash-proof and durable. It prolongs the lifespan of the panel. Being IP65 water-resistant, the panel stays protected from water splashing. The sleek foldable design lets you easily stow or carry it anywhere. Furthermore, the zippers on the pocket can accommodate power cords and enclose the power port.

Key Features

  • Enclosed by monocrystalline silicon solar cells, this panel is implemented with multi-layered cell technology. This technology efficiently produces energy from sunlight.
  • You can use it with Jackery Explorer 300/500/1000/1500 power stations.
  • A USB-A(5V, 2.4A) output port and a USB-C (5V,3A) output port are available to chare 2 tiny devices.
  • For safe operation, this panel comes with FCC Certification, ROHS Certification, short current protection, over power protection, and surge protection.

Pros And Cons

  • High solar conversion efficiency of up to 23%
  • Implemented with various safety certifications
  • Convenient folding panels offer great portability
  • Stays protected from most outdoor elements
  • Built-in kickstand props the panel towards the sun for enough sun exposure
  • Pricier than other models

4. ITEHIL 100W Monocrystalline Solar Panel

ITEHIL 100W Monocrystalline Portable Solar Panel

This ITEHIL product is a high-efficiency solar panel charger equipped with DC/USB outputs. Being waterproof, it can sustain most weather conditions. Due to surface layer composite ETFE film, the panel is resistant to oxidation. Also, this film offers durability, high stain resistance, and ease of cleaning. The 100W output can fulfill most outdoor charging requirements.

When you use the waterproof zipper and oxford cloth, this 100w portable solar panel will achieve IPX4 water resistance. When you don’t wish to use it, you can fold it like a briefcase in which you can store related accessories. The pack includes 4 carabiners, 11 adapters, and a DC 5521 to DC 5521 cable.

Key Features

  • The monocrystalline panels offer high conversion efficiency of up to 23%.
  • The waterproof oxford cloth, waterproof zipper, and ETFT coating stop rainwater from infiltrating the panel.  So, the panel will last long.
  • The kickstand can be inclined in a range of 45°-90°. Hence, you can align the position of the panel as per the sun angle to efficiently convert solar energy.
  • A USB 3.0 output (15W) and a USB 2.0 output (10W) are supported.

Pros And Cons

  • 11 DC adapters for extensive compatability
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Can quickly fold and unfold on-the-go
  • Easy suspension with included carabiners
  • Parallel connections
  • Only two USB ports, no USB C port

5. BigBlue 100W Foldable Solar Panel

BigBlue 100W Foldable Solar Panel

BigBlue 100w portable solar panels are equipped with an adapter kit consisting of 10 connectors. So, they can work with power stations from BigBlue or other brands. This foldable solar panel conveys an efficient and easy approach to keeping your devices charged while outdoors. Also, it comes in handy in emergencies.

With the included cigarette lighter plug and Alligator clip cable, this 100w solar panel can charge 12V batteries. So, these accessories let you use the panel for cars, boats, motorcycles, tractors, and RVs.  A DC-Anderson cable and a DC-DC cable are also included.

Key Features

  • The maximum DC output is 18V/5.5A.
  • The maximum solar efficiency is up to 22.5%.
  • With the implementation of smart chip technology, a safe flow of energy is ensured to your devices via the USB port.
  • Safety features implemented are short circuit protection, overheating, and overcharging.
  • The TPE rubber handle lets you fold this panel and pack it into a briefcase.
  • The included kickstand helps you mount the panel at a convenient angle for maximum reception of solar energy.
  • The use of durable cloth, durable zipper, and PET material extends the lifespan of the panel.

Pros And Cons

  • Compatible with most portable power stations
  • Provides a safe flow of energy through USB ports
  • Can be folded into a case for easy storage
  • Extremely useful in emergencies
  • Different connector tips offer great versatility
  • The kickstand is not so much adjustable

6. Togo Power 100W Portable Solar Panel

Togo Power 100W Portable Solar Panel

This Togo Power 100w solar panel is compatible with the majority of the solar generators prevalent on the market. It can work with solar power stations from brands like Jackery, Flashfish, ROCKPALS, Togo Power, and Baldr. Due to its wide compatibility and high conversion efficiency, this panel can be one of the best 100W portable solar panel for your needs. If you have your adapter, you can use this panel with EF ECOFLOW, Anker, BLUETTI, and GOLABS.

When used with a solar power generator, it would replace the traditional gasoline-powered generators. You obtain reliable power for camping, picnics, adventures, unforeseen power outages, etc. Also, it can be handy during emergencies. It provides a green and sustainable solution for living conditions. Accessories in the pack are an Anderson to MC4 adapter (3 meters long), an Anderson to DC7909+DC5525+DC5521+Aviation, Anderson Cable (1.5 meters long), and a user manual.

Key Features

  • The conversion efficiency is 24%. This efficiency is higher than the market average i.e. 20%~23%.
  • An EEF durable solar panel and high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon cell are included.
  • It is easy to carry it around with the rubber handle.
  • The IP67 waterproof design resists damage due to different outdoor conditions.
  • The flexible bracket stand assists you to vary the angle from 0° to 180°.
  • The panel weighs 8.4 lbs.
  • Safety features implemented are voltage control, overload protection, short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, and overcharging protection.

Pros And Cons

  • Multiple safety features implemented
  • Excellent performance in cloudy weather
  • Reliable and safe power for different outdoor adventures
  • Thick legs perfectly support the solar panel
  • Great stability with flexible bracket stand
  • Pre-installed cable limits the compatibility with other products

7. OUTDOOR SUPPLIES 100 Watt Foldable Solar Panel

OUTDOOR SUPPLIES 100 Watt Foldable Solar Panel

The aforementioned solar panel can be one of the best 100W portable solar panel in terms of ease of installation, portability, and efficiency. It is easy to install, hang, and disassemble anywhere. You can connect it with portable power stations from brands like Jackery, Yeti, Goal Zero, and Suaoki. Typically, people use it for camping, hiking, trekking, climbing, and emergencies. It can be used in a car or boat or RV or tent or yard, etc. 10 varied types of DC connectors are included. They are namely DC alligator clip cables, DC-Anderson cables, ad DC-5521 DC cables.

Key Features

  • The conversion efficiency is 23%.
  • There is the use of monocrystalline solar cells. These cells come with high purity.
  • With the available USB and DC output ports, you can use this panel to charge your smartphones, mobile batteries, computers, laptops, cameras, etc. simultaneously.
  • The mainboard is made of waterproof materials.

Pros And Cons

  • Works with any other 5V USB input electric devices
  • Compatible with portable power stations from various brands
  • The high conversion efficiency of 23%
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Made up of PET laminate for durability
  • Sometimes does not provide precise 100W output

FAQs When Picking The Best 100W Portable Solar Panel

1. What can be powered with a 100W solar panel?

100W solar panels are typically used to power electronic appliances and devices. In optimal conditions, the output would be 100W DC power. The average power produced by a 100W solar panel during a sunny day can power several lamps for 30+ hours. It is possible to watch TV for around 5 hours.

2. Are 100W portable solar panels waterproof?

Not all but many solar panels are waterproof. If you decide to get the best 100W portable solar panel for use in any outdoor condition, you must look for IP ratings. It indicates that the panel is being tested to function flawlessly in rainy and windy conditions. If it is not waterproof, some of its components may get damaged due to moisture. It is great if you can find a 100W portable solar panel that is sturdy enough to resist heavy snow.

3. What qualities the handle must own if you want to use the solar panel in varied outdoor conditions?

If you want a 100W portable solar panel that can withstand extreme cold and hot temperatures, rain, and snow then its handle must be corrosion-resistant and made of heavy-duty materials.

4. What feature of a portable solar panel offers ease of installation?

A portable solar panel with pre-drilled ground offers installation ease. Most portable solar panels on the market possess this feature.


In different outdoor conditions, these portable solar panels offer efficient useful power. You can effortlessly travel with an outstanding source of energy. Not only do you benefit from efficient power but you also indirectly adopt an environmental-friendly approach. The best 100W portable solar panel is energy-efficient, cost-effective, durable, comes with a long life span, and offers installation ease. The outstanding ability to withstand different weather conditions makes them ideal for various outdoor activities.

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