Ecoflow 160 Watt Portable Solar Panel




Quality of material


Light weight




Value for money



  • Easy to position anywhere
  • Foldable design offers ease of transportation
  • Wide compatibility with the included MC4 connector
  • Allows connecting multiple panels
  • Extra protection against ultraviolet light


  • Sometimes carrying case doesn’t perfectly incline the panels

Charging issues during camping or outdoor adventures are common. Fortunately, you can get rid of such problems with an Ecoflow 160 Watt portable solar panel. Prevalent for years, the brand ‘Ecoflow’ is popular for providing reliable and efficient products. What sets the Ecoflow portable solar panels unique from other solar panels is they are portable and efficient. Being portable, it seems easy to carry them anywhere and make the most of their outputs. Moreover, the powerful battery capacity also makes these solar panels wonderful choices for home backups. Without further delays, let’s dive deep into the details mentioned in the following Ecoflow 160 Watt portable solar panel review to choose a suitable solar panel.

Ecoflow 160 Watt Portable Solar Panel

ECOFLOW 160 Watt Portable Solar Panel

Simply unfold this Ecoflow 160 Watt portable solar panel and begin capturing the solar power in a few seconds. Ecoflow designs this product considering foldable, portable, and compact design. Especially for hassle-free use at outdoor activities like camping, hiking and outdoor adventures, the panel is made using IP67 waterproof material.

When paired with an Ecoflow power station, this solar panel provides the best power performance with the advanced MPPT solar charge controller, even when environmental conditions change. You can separately buy the solar panel suction cups to attach this panel to a roof or vehicle or any other smooth surface. The universal MC4 connector of the solar panel is compatible with other products on the market, it also enables you to connect multiple Ecoflow 160W solar panels together for more efficient solar power generation.

From this Ecoflow 160w portable solar panel pack, you get accessories like a kickstand case, a user manual, and a warranty card. The adjustable kickstand enables you to flexibly position the solar panel in any direction or orientation to optimally receive the sunlight.

Key Features

  • The conversion efficiency is 21-22%.
  • The EcoFlow MPPT power station algorithm offers enhanced performance in chilled and cloudy environments, inside the operation range.
  • The universal MC4 connector offers compatibility with other solar generators on the market.

FAQ: Why doesn’t my Ecoflow 160 Watt portable solar panel reach its rated 160W?

When a solar panel is actually being used, it is normal that the actual power does not reach the rated power. Below are factors that will cause the power to be lower than the rated power and how to fix them.

The strength of the sunlight: The strength of the sun’s rays will cause the output power to fluctuate. While it may be relatively close to the tested conditions at noon on a clear day, it may be less in the morning or afternoon. Weather conditions will affect the light conditions, and hazy, cloudy, or rainy weather will cause the actual power to be much less than the rated power.

Surface temperature: The surface temperature of the solar panel will affect the power performance of the solar panel. The lower the surface temperature, the better the power performance. For example, the power of the solar panel in the winter will be higher than in the summer, which is normal. In summer, solar panels are exposed to light at a temperature close to 60°C, even if the light is better, the power will be 13% lower than the rated power.

The angle of the sun’s rays: In good lighting, the solar panel can be perpendicular to the sunlight for better performance. A 10-degree difference between the light and the 90-degree angle of the panel has little effect on the power.

Interferences: When the solar panel is in use, try not to have anything covering the surface, including shadows, foreign objects, glass interferences, and even dust.

Faulty state: The product may be faulty if there is no power or the power is much less than the rated data if the above conditions are all satisfied.

Final Thoughts

While you are out for camping or when there is need for a backup power at home, the Ecoflow 160 Watt portable solar panels are best to consider. With the assistance of the present Ecoflow 160 Watt portable solar panel review, you can have a clear vision of which solar panel will best suit your needs. Charging your devices on the go is now simplified with the high conversion efficiency of these panels.

Top 9 Ecoflow 160 Watt Portable Solar Panel Reviews

1. Very good quality and easy to use.

I found Ecoflow 160 Watt portable solar panel very easy to connect and use. The carrying case can be used as a stand as shown. There are convenient grommets on the panel so you can fasten or secure it to something. I connected the panel to an ecoflow river power unit and under nominal conditions (slightly shaded as shown) I got about 45W out of this 160W panel. I really wanted to know what to expect under realistic conditions so that I could see the real power that would be available if I set up in a shaded campsite. I didn’t expect 160W and that was a safe expectation. The panel on the power unit indicated it would take about 5 hours to fully charge. Not bad. I’m very happy with the quality. We’ll see how it does.

2. Got 108 watts at best

I have Ecoflow 160W portable solar panel connected to an Ecoflow River Pro, the best I could get under an unobstructed sun was 108 watts in the middle of the day, I’m new to solar panels so I’m not sure if this is normal, it did take a while to charge my River Pro 50%, about 7 hours, maybe I just need to get another panel. I wish this had a built in stand, it’s a little difficult keeping it pointed at the sun.

3. Just perfect – Ecoflow 160 Watt Portable Solar Panel

I won’t go into the technical reasons but don’t pay attention to the people saying that they didn’t get 160 watts so these are trash. The Ecoflow panels have excellent fit and finish and they are very efficient for solar panels. You will NEVER get the maximum rated output from ANY brand of solar panel due to the charge controllers, varying sunlight, bad angles and overall efficiency of the cells themselves. Again, these panels are great. The stand takes some getting used to and fiddling but you do not heed the panels to be perfectly straight for maximum output. That’s just cosmetics.

4. Great all purpose portable solar panel.

The Ecoflow 160W portable solar panel is easy to set up and performs well. I was able to get 120-126 watts of energy going onto the solar generator at one point and was able to set it up in the grass, on the deck and on the greenhouse roof with ease. Once done charging it was easy to pack up and store for future use. I would consider buying this product again if the price was reduced another 10-20 percent or if the product went on sale. Otherwise, I will just keep charging the EcoFlow unit with what I have available.

5. Works perfect for your Ecoflow power systems

The Ecoflow power stations can be charged one of three ways: 120V AC, 12V DC, or via solar panels. I purchased these solar panels, so I have an additional source of charging for the power stations I own. I bought two 160W panels and used y-type connectors to hook the outputs of both to my Ecoflow station. It all worked well I’m glad to say. The Ecoflow station charged while also suppling power to an oscillating fan I hooked to the output for test purposes.

Keep in mind that 160W is the maximum output under perfect conditions. Many factors will affect the output you get, such as angle of the panels to the sun, the temperature of the panels, any dust on the panels, cloud cover, etc. I quickly setup the panels on my deck not concerning myself with ideal conditions – I just wanted to check that they worked. I got about 85W from each panel under my setup conditions. This is why I bought two, since I knew I would not get the maximum output.

I want to make fixtures to set the panels on instead of using the cases the panels came with. This method is shown in the pictures on the Amazon page and is fine for camping. This will allow me to lay them flat on the fixtures. The fixtures will have knobs to adjust the inclination. I’ll be ready for the next power outage.

6. Well built solar panel – Ecoflow 160

I purchased this along with an EcoFlow Mini to make a nice road trip/camping power solution. The panel is well built, weather-sealed, and seems durable. It should last a long time. The output I get is consistently 125W-135W under the full sun at 2 pm in the afternoon in Southern California. Which is about 78%-83% output for a 160W panel, which is disappointing for the premium price you pay for these panels.

Updates: after EcoFlow contacted me and worked with me on the panel, I can get about 140W. the panel is well built and if your battery is under 1KW then the 160w is sufficient to charge it up in about 6 hours in good sun. Good Panel overall.

7. Ecoflow 160 Watt portable solar panel works well!

I set the portable panel flat on the lawn. As you can see from the picture, it was producing 127 watts. This is very good for a portable panel rated at 160 watts. To produce 160 watts would require 100% ideal conditions: angle to sun, time of year, time of day, altitude, air quality, clear skies, etc., etc. So to get 127 watts by just laying it on the grass on a random day is excellent.

I am going to build a portable platform to be able to keep it off the ground a bit, angle it towards the Sun, and anchor it against wind. I didn’t expect the flimsy carrying case to be able to do that, so I’m not disappointed.

All up, I give this a 5 stars. Just manage your expectations. It’s portable. It’s light. It’s not a heavy, mounted solar panel up on a roof. It won’t perform like a heavy panel up on a roof. But a heavy panel is not portable. Trade offs.

8. 130-148 watts. Very good for the money.

Solid 130+ watts. Pretty good for the money. A lot of you guys leave slow AC charging on, TURN IT OFF. Ecoflow doesn’t tell you, but it effects DC charging as well as AC. This will limit solar charging to around 108-110 watts input if it’s on. That’s why so many people are saying they get less than 110. When my panel was cool (67 Degrees) I was getting 148 watts, after it sat in the sun for about 30 minutes, it was getting 133-137 watts. This is normal for southern California day (72 degress outsides) Also, I see people with like 20′ 16 gauge wires wondering why they dont get full power. You need at 8-12 gauge (depending on length and acceptable loss) for this panel. I have 3 of these panels and they are all within a few watts of each other.

9. Performed better than expected

I connected the 160-watt EF ECOFLOW Portable Solar Panel to the EF ECOFLOW DELTA Pro Portable Home Battery, Expandable 3600-watt Portable Power Station on a hazy, partially overcast day and the unit delivered 128 watts; it looks like it will be a perfect working combination. I have only used it once so far, haven’t had time to more fully check it, but fully expect better output on a good sunny day. It was easy to set up using the carrying case as a kick-stand. My only problem was getting the extension cables (purchased separately) polarity correct; that was my error.

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