Ecoflow Delta 1300Wh


Charging power


Light weight


Noise level


Tech Support


Value for money



  • No emission of fuel or pollution
  • Supports EV charging
  • Easy to use
  • Gets recharged in less time
  • Various protection features implemented


  • The fan consumes much power

Ecoflow is renowned for creating the world’s most inventive, eco-friendly power solutions. Its products deliver reliable power for adventures and emergencies. Now you can benefit from an efficient, reliable, and safe charging mechanism for your electronic devices with the Ecoflow Delta 1300Wh portable power station.

Ecoflow Delta 1300Wh can power multiple devices simultaneously. Compatibility with a broad range of appliances proves their versatility. With the following Ecoflow Delta 1300Wh portable power station review, you can eliminate the confusion and make a judicious decision on Ecoflow portable power station.

Ecoflow Delta 1300Wh Portable Power Station

Ecoflow Delta 1300W Portable Power Station

Are you looking for a powerful and compact equipment to charge your devices on the go? If yes then this EcoFlow Delta portable power station is for you. Packed with tons of practical features, it conveys a portable design for convenient operation anywhere. You will find ample charging ports, including 6 AC wall outlets.

Compared to other power stations from other brands, this one conveys faster charging. It is found that this unit boasts the identical power as conventional petrol home generators. Throughout the operation, there is zero emission of fuel. No maintenance is needed. Moreover, it operates quietly. The pack includes an AC charger cable, a car 12V charger cable, a solar cable with MC4 connectors, and a user manual.

Key Features

  • Power outlets available are 4 AC pure sine waves (1800W total, 3300W surge), a 12V CLA, and a DC 5V USB fast-charge port.
  • The Lithium-Ion 18650 battery comes with a 1260Wh capacity.
  • Other input sources available for recharging are solar (400W, 10 – 65V DC, 10A max.), cigarette lighter (12V / 24V, 10A max.), and AC Mains (220V).
  • When AC main is used for recharging, your device can be recharged up to 80% in an hour, and fully charged in 2 hours.
  • This power station can recharge a phone up to 140 times, a microwave oven (1300W) up to 2 hours, a flat-screen TV (120W) up to 12 hours, and a refrigerator (150W) up to 20 hours.
  • The certifications this power station comes with are CE, UL, FCC, RoHS, and PSE.

Final Thoughts

From the present Ecoflow Delta 1300Wh portable power station review, it is straightforward to efficiently charge your devices on the go. The ability to quickly charge your devices anywhere & anytime is the key specialty of Ecoflow Delta 1300Wh power stations. Whether you head on for your favorite adventure or go on a road trip, these power stations prove to be useful owing to their portability.

Top 10 Ecoflow Delta 1300Wh Portable Power Station Reviews

1. Massive Power Bank! – Ecoflow Delta 1300Wh

I’m using two 100w flexible solar panel with Ecoflow Delta 1300Wh and at a cloudy day, it takes in about 120w and max out at 180w of power! It is astonishing that it can also run my table saw and miter saw with 1800w output! What a monster! This is by far the most powerful power bank I own. I plan to mount those panels on my roof so I can use the power bank in my office.

2. TOTALLY no buyers remorse whatsoever….

Do your research on youtube. Most everything published is spot on. The only things I saw where people had a problem was covered in the manual or faq. The unit has more safeties on it and it keeps you from making mistakes. Sometimes this was reviewed as a flaw… and it truly wasn’t in my opinion. Example, it actually does easily charge from zero to full in about an hour and half. What it does not do is immediately after you do a heavy discharge charge back this quickly. This is a protection circuit kicking in and throttling back the charge rate to half.. in order not to overheat the unit. It gradually increases as the unit cools. Even so.. it charges faster than anything I have ever seen. One thing pointed out and I agree is the stated capacity is actually about 1000 vs what is advertised.

HOWEVER, if push came to shove, the battery is probably exactly as advertised. What I am referring to is what I can actually get out of it. I am a picky anal geek that is seldom satisfied. This fits the niche of if you want to wait till the last minute for a weekend get away, throw the charger on house charge whild you are packing and gasing up.. it will be 100% ready to go. NO looking for inverter.. no looking for cables.. no looking for extra fuses.. etc etc. Grab it and go and plug in.

3. Delivers as adverised.

I bought Ecoflow Delta 1300Wh for two reasons: 1. Power for a remote toolshed for lighting and powering tools. 2. As a backup power source in case of outages.

For #1 drills, sawz-all, shop-vac and lights work just fine. Large circular saw did not and I knew that would be iffy. Just keep in mind the watt hour limit of the battery. Nice readouts for power consumption. Do the math and you have a pretty good idea of how long it will last.

For #2 haven’t tried the fridge in kitchen but the dorm style fridge works just fine. Definitely enough to power a cable modem and router. Even during Superstorm Sandy there was no power but cable was working. Go figure. It isn’t enough to power a house or large appliances but other creature comforts are covered. At least there are options.

The Ecoflow Delta 1300Wh is heavy but that was expected. Remarkably compact too. No surprises there. An additional feature that maybe i missed is a cover for the unit. It looks like its water resistant or proof. I guess so it can be left out doors. Not sure I’d do that. Plpus there are slots to handle the grounding prong on three prong plugs.

The three methods of charging are great. I tried the wall outlet and soalr panel. Haven’t tried the cr lighter option yet. May seem expensive but its like insurance. When you need it you’ll be glad to have it.


Yet another power outage. While sufficient for LED light bulbs, a TIVO box, and a TV, decided for the ultimate challenge of a fridge. Rolled the Whirlpool Gallery fridge away from the wall and plugged it in. Opened the door and reset the power outage notice. Watching the unit, the consumption crept up to about 170 watts. The readout told me I had about 4+ hours of charge left. That’s alright. Good enough to keep the frozen stuff frozen and the cold stuff cold.

When the power came back recharged from an outlet in abuot an hour. Perfect. Have not regretted buying Ecoflow Delta 1300Wh. Was a lifesaver during a 18 hour power outage.

4. Works great and very quiet – Ecoflow Delta 1300Wh

Works well and mostly silent versus gas powered generators. Got us though multiple power outages here in NorCal region so far. We used to keep kitchen fridge running, router and when hot, a fan. First outage lasted 4.5 hours and used 69% of a full charge with those three items plugged in. Recharging is very fast w AC outlet not much longer than an hour. 100 kw/Hr solar panels takes several hours for full charge which I used for initial charge. About 14-18 hours which depends on sunlight shadows etc. was easy to set up on south facing roof of garage for maximum light. If you’re uncertain about power outages, plug in for best results. If You’ve got time and daylight, solar panel is nice option.

5. Great battery and customer support

I was looking for a portable battery that could handle 15A power tools so I could use a lawn vacuum and pressure washer in places that were too far away from an electrical outlet. I was getting frustrated having to unwind and wind increasingly longer extension cords and make sure they didn’t fall into the pool. I also wanted to have something I could hook up to a solar panel and keep as an emergency backup power source. I looked into a couple of options like Ego Nexus (no solar input) and Goal Zero (never in stock). I saw that the Ecoflow had good reviews and bought it.

It took almost a month to get to me due to the shipping company losing it. Customer support was great, though, and they of a replacement unit. They were very friendly. I’ve only had the unit for a couple weeks, but it’s done everything I’ve asked of it. It runs all my high amp power tools, even the 15A ones. I hooked it up to a 110w solar panel, and now I’m charging all my battery powered garden tools like my lawnmower, string trimmer, blower, and hedge trimmer off grid!

The packaging was excellent, and it comes with all the cords you will need, including a car charger and a solar connector. While not light, the handles provide for a sturdy grip so you can carry it anywhere. The display easily tells you time remaining to charge, input, output, and charge level. I do wish that all the AC and DC outlets were on the same side of the unit, but that’s minor. Overall it’s an excellent battery at an attractive price.

6. Actually quite amazing! – Ecoflow Delta 1300Wh

I was looking for a generator for power outages at my home. We’re coming into hurricane season, and I’ve got hundreds of dollars of food in my refrigerator freezer that I want to preserve during a power outage. I have a portable gas generator, but it’s quite heavy, and must be used outside. After receiving my EcoFlow Delta, I charged it up to do some testing. With the batteries at 100%, I plugged in my full size (18cf) refrigerator freezer, and it supplied power for 11 hours, and still had 14% remaining on the battery. It recharged from 14% to 100% in 1 hr, 10 min! Amazing. I can roll out my 2 kw gas generator, to quickly and easily recharge the Delta to keep the refrigerator powered. The Delta can also recharge our cell phones, power up led lights, and make coffee/tea in an emergency. It occurred to me that the Delta could give apartment dwellers a legitimate option for 10+ hours of backup power in an outage. Nothing else like it on the market, at any price. Preserving my food during just 2 prolonged outages will pay for Ecoflow Delta 1300Wh generator. Keeping cell phones charged, and powering emergency lighting is icing on the cake. Thank you EcoFlow!

7. Great for keeping your RV Refrigerator/Freezer cold while driving.

I ran a line from the Ecoflow Delta 1300Wh to my RV Refrigerator/Freezer. I took off the external Refrigerator/Freezer cover. At the stud where the AC power outlet is, I drilled a hole in the stud. I used an extension cord with 14 gauge wire. I cut off the male end and pushed the wire into the hole. Now there is the female end of the cord just under the AC outlet. I just unplug the Refrigerator/Freezer from the AC outlet and plug into the female end of the cord. The exit location is in the cabinet under the oven. Your location may vary. I purchased a male 120 inlet and mounted it under the refrigerator. I could then run a cord from the ECOFLOW to the inlet. It will power your unit for about 4 hours before depleting the batteries.

I recently made a 9 hour trip using Ecoflow Delta 1300Wh. After disconnecting from shore power, I turned off the Refrigerator/Freezer. I then travelled for 1.5 hours. Stopped and turned on the Refrigerator/Freezer for 1.5 hours. I alternated in this pattern for the whole trip. When I got to my destination, everything in the freezer was frozen and the refrigerator was cold. I also had a 12 V cord plugged into the RV and then into the 12 V inlet of the EcoFlow. This allows your 12 V system to recharge/maintain the EcoFlow while the it is providing AC, although it is very slow, it does help a little.

8. Awesome! – Ecoflow Delta 1300Wh

Just received, opened it up and was as expected. Read the reviews and watch youtube videos for hours on multiple batteries, but decided on this one. Charged up near full in an hour at 1200 input watts. We set it up with an outdoor projector, dvd player, and speaker and watched a 2 hr movie and it only took 10% of the power. Charged it back up in 10 min as it will tell you how much time you have left. When warm the safety features will not allow a full normal charge like when unused, but that is good and will make the battery last longer. Just don’t drain it all the way then try to charge it back up in a hurry. This is a weekend warrior for us and will take it camping and can run whatever we need and charge it back up fast. Solar panel will be a future purchase but we can charge it up driving to the store and back if we have to.

2nd camping trip, the kids charged up their cell phones all weekend, we watched 4 movies, ran an outdoor projector, did player, watched TV in the trailer (shown 33 watts output), charged our speaker, ran my grinder which was pulling 300w to install a new RV awning. Basically ran everything we needed for 3 days and used up 50% of the power. Got it home and charged up in 40 min. The Ecoflow Delta 1300Wh is amazing. Tells you power in and power out, great display.

9. Long-lasting power source

Bought Ecoflow Delta 1300Wh primarily as a power source for my full size side by size fridge/freezer. The electricity goes out frequently where I live and I am always worried about food spoiling during extended outages. The EcoFlow arrived charged at 30%. In around 90 minutes, it was fully charged to 100% and ready to go. At 7:15 am, I plugged my fridge into the EcoFlow. It shut off at 6:30 pm. It worked flawlessly for 11 hours and 15 minutes! I was absolutely amazed. This included me opening and closing the fridge and using the water/ice dispenser throughout the day. The unit makes a soft humming noise, but nothing too noticeable. It did not disturb me at all while I spent the day working from home. The fact that I can recharge the unit fully in 2 hours was a key factor in my decision to select this unit. Very happy with this purchase.

10. All your Power needs for Camping

I test a bunch of items that I would normally use camping. Being that its a huge battery, I purchased Ecoflow Delta 1300Wh to take the place of some smaller models I was getting by with. Weighing only 30 pounds and with 6 AC ports/4 USB/2 TYPE C/ DC power, and solar input, I was sold. First I start with a baby bottle warmer plugged in via DC power, then I add a 1500w space heater to warm up. The 1800w output of the power station can handle this continuously which is awesome! I make mention that this is cumulative, so if you plan to run a lot of appliances all at once you will drain this battery very quickly. It’s better to run them when you need and then unplug if they are power hungry. Next I move on to a heated blanket, iphone charger, air compressor, and vacuum. I also use some universal solar panels to grab some charge back. I also really like the screen showing my real time data on hours/watts /% off battery left. You really do get what you pay for with this monster!

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