Ecoflow Delta 1300Wh Solar Generator


Charging power


Light weight


Noise level


Value for money


Tech Support



  • Great conversion efficiency
  • The large LCD screen clearly depicts the amount of power consumed
  • Solid construction with the use of high-end materials
  • Fully charged in less time
  • With the waterproof design, it can work in all weather conditions


  • Inadequate room for cables

A decent backup generator keeps your devices working flawlessly even during a power outage. Whether at home or open ground, a solar generator proves to be a miracle since it utilizes renewable energy from the sun to convert into electricity. One of the best brands in the market when it comes to solar panels and solar generators is Ecoflow. This brand presents a revolution when it comes to obtaining portable power on the go. The following Ecoflow delta 1300Wh solar generator review discusses Ecoflow delta 1300W solar generator with 110W solar panel from this brand. To eliminate your confusion, this review facilitates you to know more about Ecoflow delta 1300Wh solar generator and make the right decision.

Ecoflow Delta 1300Wh Solar Generator with 110W Solar Panel

Ecoflow Delta 1300Wh Solar Generator with 110W Solar Panel

This Ecoflow delta 1300Wh solar generator review highlights a solar generator with a fast recharging rate. It can be fully recharged within 4 hours. The DC input can accept ranges from 10V to 65V. Chiefly for camping, RV, hunting, and emergencies, you would find this product worthwhile.

Being waterproof, the entire solar panel can withstand all weather conditions. This makes the solar generator pertinent for use in most outdoor conditions. Furthermore, you can immerse the panel in water for up to 30 minutes, no worries about damage.

Using this set of generator and solar panel, you can charge your laptops, mini space heaters, mini-coolers, and many other outdoor electronics. You can charge your devices from six 1800W AC outlets. Additionally, the Ecoflow delta 1300Wh solar generator is equipped with two 60W USB-C outlets and 4 USB-A outlets (useful for charging smartphones, tablets, and speakers). The kit contains a 1260Wh solar generator with its accessories and a 110W foldable solar panel with its accessories. With enough accessories included, you will not find any hassles when you want to charge your devices at an outdoor place.

Key Features

  • To harness the power from the sun, this generator comes with a conversion efficiency of up to 22%. This much conversion efficiency keeps your devices charged anywhere.
  • At once, it can power a maximum of 13 devices.
  • It can be recharged through solar panels or car charging outlet or an AC outlet.
  • The recharging rate is 0% to 80% in 1 hour.  The full recharging takes 1.6 hours.
  • With a standard AC cable, the EcoFlow patented X-Stream Technology recharges the power station at 10 times the speed of most other portable power stations. This feature indicates the high recharging efficiency.
  • The Ecoflow Delta MPPT controller assures a fast recharge rate. Also, it offers wide compatibility with a solar panel rated with pen circuit voltage as 10-65V/ 10A max.
  • With the help of a solar panel, this power station can be fully recharged in 4 hours.

Final Thoughts

Irrespective of where you go, the Ecoflow delta 1300Wh solar generators make sure power availability will always be there. The above Ecoflow delta 1300Wh solar generator review saves you time and effort and keeps you away from confusion. Due to their durable design, they are perfect for various outdoor activities. They are primarily famous for boasting high conversion efficiency and the ability to charge various devices on the go.

Top 10 Ecoflow Delta 1300Wh Solar Generator Reviews

1. Bought for our camper for car camping – Total game changer for car camping

Our little fam have just adopted camping and our trailer (1968) doesn’t have any power. Instead of re-wiring the entire thing, I bought the Ecoflow delta 1300Wh solar generator.

  • Charged my laptop and cell phone throughout the entire camping weekend.
  • Enough juice to power some lights for outdoors.
  • Do note: NOT enough juice to be doing my wife’s hair dryer (of course)
  • Love, love, love the solar panel addition (it’s huge). I had it out in our cloudy (Seattle-area) weather and it still was trickle charging. There is MUCH more power however when I charged it beforehand or when the sun is at full strength.
  • Tons of ports (USB, USB C, regular outlets)
  • Large LCD display says exactly how much power your consuming (and also how much power it’s charging)

Do note: this Ecoflow delta 1300Wh solar generator is heavy! You won’t be carrying this backpacking. (but car camping? Heck yes. This thing is a powerhouse) Also note the fans kick in to keep it cool. These fans can be loud if you’re sitting right next to the thing, so I recommend an extension cord to pair with this.

2. This Ecoflow delta 1300Wh solar generator will power anything!

If you’ve ever needed extra power while on some sort of expedition, then you need one of these. You can power just about anything most humans use on a regular basis, short of maybe welding. I’ve been playing with this Ecoflow delta 1300Wh solar generator for a few days and I’ve yet to find something, or a combination of things that I would use in the real world that could NOT charge. I even hooked it up to several power tool battery chargers and a 1000W space heater to get my workshop nice and toasty. I’ve really been trying to stump this large power station, and thus far I have failed.

The Good

  • 1,800 watts of continuous power is an incredible amount of energy, BETTER than most US household outlets (110V*15A=1,650W)
  • Incredibly fast charge time: 80% in 60 min!
  • Easy to read/understand LCD
  • Solid construction/high end materials
  • Fast solar panel recharge of 600w max (need 4 panels)
  • Lightweight (for amount of energy supplied)
  • 2 USB-C ports
  • 6 AC outlets @ 1800W is more than I can throw at it
  • Solar charges the unit very quickly

The Not So Good

  • Too heavy to bring everywhere, if you need lightweight consider River600
  • USB-C are 60watts instead of 100W (River600)
  • No App (not really a problem)


This is an incredibly powerful power station that charges very fast. I haven’t seen another product that holds as much power and recharges as fast, full stop. Its got plenty of outlets and usb ports to charge anything I own, short of my dryer. I’ve tested this unit w/ 5-6 devices/appliances at a time and it handles it easily. This is a must have for anyone in need of power on the road/camping/backup/portable workshop.

I took this with me to help a friend do electrical work and cut lumber for construction at the same time. Instead of waiting until the power was back on, we were able to cut and do electrical at the same time. As a photographer, I’m using this to power 2 Macbook Pros, charge camera batteries, and power strobes while shooting on location. Its plenty power enough to power all my tools for several days, for personal or professional use. This is an absolute must have, I don’t know how I’ve been living this long without one.

3. Great portable power supply

Because of the wildfires in California and the associated power blackouts, I needed to find a way of keeping my medications cool. After doing some on-line research, I selected this Ecoflow delta 1300Wh solar generator and I’m glad I did. It’s perfect for my application. I’d give it 6 stars if I could. I connected it to a VBENLEM 22L portable car refrigerator, which had plenty of space for my medications. It took 84 hours for the battery charge to drop from 100% to 10% while keeping my medications at 4 degrees Celsius. If I needed more time, I could have recharged the battery by hooking it to my car’s battery or by hooking it to the portable solar array that I also purchased. And, of course, it can also be recharged from the electrical grid, when the power goes back on. There is a large array of outputs from the battery – DC, AC, USB-A, USB-C – so it can be used as a backup for computers, cell phones, and other devices.

4. So much better than a generator!

Great power station. I went with this instead of a generator and that was a great decision. No cans full of gasoline to tote. No fumes that will kill you. No trying to ground it to keep it from shocking you. It’s inside. Easy to pick up and use. Runs everything in my RV. Lasts as long as a generator would. I can charge while I’m driving. So many ports available! Makes no noise. It’s not cheap but it’s so worth it. Twice the cost of the generator, but ten times better! And when you charge your phone or laptop, it charges them quickly. I highly recommend this Ecoflow delta 1300Wh power station.

5. Most Excellent Battery Supply

I use the Delta to run an Engel refrigerator cooler when camping and I can get an easy 24 hours out of it without charge. Added with 2 solar panels it does a good job doing most of the camping trip without gasoline, or ice.

When needing a charge in case of cloudy day, a quality digital inverter gas generator like Honda charges it up quick and it’s ready to go for another day+.

6. It works as advertised with great ease of use

I bought this Ecoflow delta 1300Wh solar generator for use during power outages. It will run a TV plus DVD player for 6 hours. I have been using it for construction work on a site with no temporary power yet. It will run all but the highest power circular saws and will run all the cordless tool chargers all day. I really like that the display reads out the power use and predicted battery life in both charge and discharge modes. It’s really nice to not have to listen to a gas-powered generator that uses up gas whenever it’s running whether or not tools are being used.

7. so far so good

I’ve only had it a few weeks. The Ecoflow Delta comes 30% charged. That gave me an opportunity to try the solar panel. The 110W solar panel gave around 84W the first afternoon in full sun. Got up to 45% charged. The second day I had the panel out all day, orienting with the sun as the day went. The best I got was around 91W. Got up to 80% charged. The third day I didn’t watch it as closely. When I checked around 1pm the Ecoflow was 100% charged. We have a fairly large room air filtration unit (~85W) and I tried running that overnight. By morning the Ecoflow was down to 10%. I plugged it in to charge and when I checked on it some hours later it was charged up. We have a large portable air conditioner and I tried that (~1040W). The Ecoflow could run it, but the readout indicates that it would only be able to run it for about an hour. Bottom line the Ecoflow could run some of the large things I threw at it. But for sure a single 110W panel is not enough; it took too long to charge even with full sun. The portable stand, which is also the bag for the panel is ok if you’re on the go but really, I would recommend building a nicer stand that can keep the panels straight and allow for easier angle and rotation adjustments. The bag for the Ecoflow is nice. I’ll need a pouch for the cables.

8. Delta for the win!

I have been looking at these systems for over a year now. It’s pretty stiff competition with all of them. I selected the Ecoflow delta 1300Wh solar generator due to the higher capacity to cost ratio. The features are basic, but less to worry about. It has enough power to run a 1500 watt coffee maker, and keep on going. It almost yas enough power to run my entire camper until I kick on the A/C unit. Not quite enough for that, but if you need it for all that, you need a Delta Pro that will release in July 2021. Great item to have for off grid short or long term living. Highly recommend the Delta over the competition.

9. Home Emergency Backup

EcoFlow is the Tesseract of power batteries. Most impressed with quick charging times (both AC and car) and you can charge EcoFlow as you are using/discharging it. I purchased this product as a home power backup. My objective is to survive an emergency and not necessarily have all the same operating status during the emergency as before emergency. I experienced the Texas winter storm and did not have a backup system. I was lucky to have had rolling power during the storm: many were not so lucky. Also, my experience taught me that I need to have a backup plan for heat (and air) even if power is available as these systems may fail independent of power availability (or because of power surges). It is tough getting service repairs for central air and heat during a disaster. EcoFlow fits my emergency plan perfectly as it plugs in for loss of power or loss of equipment operation situations.

10. Amazing Backup Power

My area is prone to power outages and every time, we’re concerned about losing all our groceries but never again! This Ecoflow delta 1300Wh solar generator is amazing and will help us weather future storms.

The key to this compact generator is understanding what draws wattage and what its limits are. The readout on the machine is brilliant and fun to watch. My small fridge drew about 90 watts and the EFDelta predicted it could keep it running for 14 hours. That’s ballgame right there!

The solar panel is good but I think I may need to get another (it says you can chain up to three). Granted there was cloud cover, but the panel was only giving 9 watts. I have yet to see what full sun can do, but considering it’s typically cloudy when our power goes out, it would be nice to get more from the rays we get. The design is great. It’s easy to use. And It’s highly capable. I shopped around a bit and this was the best deal I could find for the wattage.

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