Ecoflow Delta 1800W


Charging power


Light weight


Noise level


Tech Support


Value for money



  • Can charge and discharge simultaneously
  • Ensures safe operation with high/low-temperature protection
  • Massive power output
  • Can efficiently charge small and large devices
  • Includes 3 types of charging cable


  • The fan consumes much power

Ecoflow is renowned for creating the world’s most inventive, eco-friendly power solutions. Its products deliver reliable power for adventures and emergencies. Now you can benefit from an efficient, reliable, and safe charging mechanism for your electronic devices with the Ecoflow Delta 1800W portable power station.

Ecoflow Delta 1800W can power multiple devices simultaneously. Compatibility with a broad range of appliances proves their versatility. With the following Ecoflow Delta 1800W portable power station review, you can eliminate the confusion and make a judicious decision on Ecoflow portable power station.

Ecoflow Delta 1800W Portable Power Station

Ecoflow Delta 1800W Portable Power Station

If you prioritize safe and efficient charging of your devices then you can consider this 1800W portable power station. In terms of protection features, it is one of the best Ecoflow portable power station. It fulfills your power needs at home, camping, traveling, long road trips, etc. It can power up to 13 devices concurrently. At once, you can charge your TV, laptop, microwave, and more. You can recharge it with either AC outlets or solar panels or a car charging port.

To ensure safe operation, EcoFlow equipped this power station with overload protection. When the input current constantly surpasses 20A while charging, the overload protection switch button automatically pos out.

Not just overload protection, but the power station is also equipped with over-temperature protection. If the battery’s temperature is more than 45°C or lower than -20°C, every input and output function stops. Moreover, the fan starts working. After the battery resumes to standard working temperature, the power station will resume the operation automatically. 3 types of charging cables in the pack are a car charger cable, an AC plug, and an MC4 to XT60 solar panel cable. From the pack, you also get an EFDELTA bag and a user guide.

Key Features

  • Various charging outlets included are 6 AC outlets (100V-120V/1800W, 3300W Peak), 2 USB-A ports, 2 USB-C ports, 2 USB-A (fast-charge), and a standard DC 13.6V port.
  • With the aforementioned ports, you can power a smartphone, laptop, refrigerator, camera, CPAP machine, and more.
  • The lithium battery’s capacity is 1260Wh.
  • The power station can be charged through the 10-65V solar panel.
  • Ecoflow patented X-Stream technology can recharge this power station from 0% to 80% in an hour. Full charging takes up to 2 hours.
  • The aforementioned technology recharges this power station at 10 times the speed of most other portable power stations.
  • The noise level is less than 50 dB.

Conclusion – Ecoflow Delta 1800W

From the present Ecoflow Delta 1800W portable power station review, it is straightforward to efficiently charge your devices on the go. The ability to quickly charge your devices anywhere & anytime is the key specialty of Ecoflow Delta 1800W power stations. Whether you head on for your favorite adventure or go on a road trip, these power stations prove to be useful owing to their portability.

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