Ecoflow River Max 600




Charging power


Noise level


Battery life



  • Bright display with all necessary information
  • Works as a compact, reliable power source
  • The battery charges quickly
  • Compatible with a wide range of devices
  • The extra battery integrates perfectly to the bottom of the unit


  • Poor app that requires sign up

Ecoflow is renowned for creating the world’s most inventive, eco-friendly power solutions. Its products deliver reliable power for adventures and emergencies. Now you can benefit from an efficient, reliable, and safe charging mechanism for your electronic devices with the Ecoflow river 600 Max portable power station.

Ecoflow river 600 Max can power multiple devices simultaneously. Compatibility with a broad range of appliances proves their versatility. With the following Ecoflow river 600 Max portable power station review, you can eliminate the confusion and make a judicious decision on Ecoflow portable power station.

Ecoflow River 600 Max Portable Power Station

ECOFLOW RIVER Max Portable Power Station

The River 600 Max portable power station from Ecoflow functions as a reliable, compact power source. It keeps your devices more efficient whether at the workplace or outdoors on schedule. No worry about dependency on a single power source. Continuous power is the key aspect most people demand when they need to focus on filming or enjoying music. This power station aptly fulfills such needs.

If you don’t want to power your devices through its AC outlets, you can use this unit as a solar generator. For camping and other outdoor events in bright sunlight, its functionality as a solar generator helps a lot. Compatibility with the solar panels serves you with an eco-friendly, reliable solar power output on the go.

The exceptional modular design provides you the freedom to vary the power and portability of this unit within seconds. Furthermore, the Extra Battery increases the total battery capacity from 288Wh to 576Wh. This aspect is chiefly helpful when you require more power. If you want more portability during outdoor adventures or traveling, you can remove the RIVER Extra Battery.

List of compatible devices includes TVs, small refrigerators, hairdryers, laptops, phones, electric kettles, cameras, etc. Along with the purchase, you get 5 types of charging cable (a 1.5m car charging cable, a 1.5m AC charging cable, a USB 2.0 to Micro or Lightning cable, a 1.5m MC4 to XT60 solar charging cable, and a Type C to Type C cable), and a user guide.

Key Features

  • The 3 pure sine wave AC outlets deliver a peak power output of 600W.
  • Maximum battery capacity of 576Wh serves the users with massive power for driving most of their favorite devices.
  • EcoFlow X-Stream Charge technology can recharge the power station from 0 to 80% in an hour. This is one of the fastest recharging rates in the market.
  • Simultaneously, you can power up to 10 devices.
  • EcoFlow’s X-Boost technology enables you to power devices up to 1800W. This technology helps the power station to work with essential devices like DIY tools and kitchen appliances.
  • From the EcoFlow app, you can enable quiet charging.
  • LED flashlight is available to indicate the charging status.

Final Thoughts

From the present Ecoflow river 600 Max portable power station review, it is straightforward to efficiently charge your devices on the go. The ability to quickly charge your devices anywhere & anytime is the key specialty of Ecoflow river 600 Max power stations. Whether you head on for your favorite adventure or go on a road trip, these power stations prove to be useful owing to their portability.

Top 10 Ecoflow River 600 Max Portable Power Station Reviews

1. Excellent Ecoflow River 600 Max!

Absolutely perfect for the reason i bought it! I needed something to provide power through power failures at the house every now and then from weather. Charges extremely fast as advertised! It ran my 55 inch Samsung smart tv (65 watts) for over 8 hrs and 65 inch Sharp smart tv for 4 hrs and 2 minutes. Plenty of power for all my other devices. Used it to make 2 – 12 ounce cups of coffee in my Keurig as well with no problems. I will buy again from EcoFlow in the future.

2. Highly recommend! Fast, quiet and indestructible!

Highly recommend! We bought Ecoflow River 600 Max for a road trip from NY to CA as our power source. It did not disappoint! We accidentally left this battery on top of our car and drove on the highway at 70 mph. It tumbled off of the car, we retrieved it, and it’s still worked perfectly!

This battery charges so fast! You can fully charge it in about an hour in an ac outlet and 3 hours on dc. It’s pretty quiet as well! It tells you how many hours of life is remaining for each device plugged in.

3. Top Of The Line!

Extremely well built and packaging also very impressive. It was easy logging in to my WiFi and it updated itself no problem. I put it on my digital scope and the sine wave is very clean. Voltage output is right at 120 VAC and regulated exactly at 60 Hz. It easily ran my Fein shop vac, belt sander, sawzall, and other lite duty shop tools. Nicely designed with no sharp corners and the multi functionality is very thought out. I rarely do any reviews but Ecoflow River 600 Max deserves it. I got the MAX unit with the extra battery capacity just to have the extra run time. The extra battery integrates perfectly to the bottom of the unit and is solidly attached.

4. Updated – 2nd UNIT repaired & working well

UPDATE 3-2-2022. I’ve been using the repaired Ecoflow River 600 Max regularly now and it has performed well. I actually bought another unit a few months ago, so obviously I’m happy with these solar generators.

UPDATE: Ecoflow replaced the defective unit and I’m very happy with it. Customer Service improved. Charges quickly and quietly with AC and solar panel. Love the display with all the info needed. I’ve tried using various items (nothing huge) with the River Max and everything works so far. Weight is kind of heavy for a senior citizen, so I’m using a small luggage cart that works perfectly.

The app connected easily on my Android phone tablet. But since an app update yesterday, I can’t figure out how to change temp display from Centigrade back to Fahrenheit. Hopefully it’ll be fixed with another update. In short, I’m very happy with the Ecoflow River 600 Max and would recommend it to friends and family.

5. Ecoflow River 600 Max worths the money.

This is an awesome power station. Basically batteries on steroids. Packaging great, instructions could be more in depth for use. They rely on you to download and use the app. Not everyone will be able to do that.. Charged to 100% in 1hr and 15 min. Power is great to run most modern items including my full size fridge. During power outage I ran the fridge for 8 hours and had a little under 20% battery charge left. However it could not run a small electric heater.

It Struggled to get about half the wattage it needed to get hot. The heater was older model, cheap and not Energy Star rated. My fridge is newer and Energy Star rated which i took to mean it takes less wattage so that is why it worked so well. It is best to find out how much juice the device you need to power needs to run, then check the output specs on the website. Even with the shortcomings this is great for emergencies. It is expensive, but great.

6. More useful than competitors with great features

I did a lot of research before purchasing a portable power supply due to my highly specialized needs. The EcoFlow River has lived up to my expectations, and just as importantly so has their customer service.


By far the most important factor for me is the fast recharging time.
Next, their mobile app added a lot of capabilities, including adjustable charge rate
Matches competitors for all other features


Nothing so far, except perhaps the mobile app can be hard to connect in some cases

Bottom Line:

Ecoflow River 600 Max seems just as good as the competition but has additional features that can be VERY useful. Why is fast recharge important to me? I plan to use this to charge my extra eBike battery while I’m riding. I have limited recharge time of an hour or so, so being able to recharge in 90 minutes is critical to my use.

7. Does what it says

I give the Ecoflow River 600 Max an initial 5-star review because – without really having used it yet – it does everything I want. After I’ve actually needed it, I’ll update this review!

I live on the Gulf Coast, where we usually have at least one power outage a year from hurricanes or storms. I have a 5kW gasoline generator (along with a xfer panel so it can power the inside outlets of my house). But fussing with the generator (especially if the power is just out for a few hours) is a pain, ESPECIALLY when you haven’t had your morning coffee. (My wife has pictures of me turning on the generator JUST to power the coffee maker.) Enter the River Max. I wanted something that would (1) run the coffee maker in the morning; (2) power a few lights; and (3) run a fan at night if the power is still out (because I’m not running the gas generator all night long).

After some initial testing, it does all three! (1) My coffee maker is somewhere around 1000-1200 watts. If you plug it in to the River Max without the xBoost function on, it won’t work; the display says it tries to draw around 1100 watts and then signals overload. With the xBoost function, the coffee maker does work. The display says the River Max is sourcing right around 600 watts to the coffee maker. But wait…it requires 1200 watts, right? What’s going on?

I don’t have a multimeter to verify the River Max display data, but my guess is that xBoost mode simply limits current draw so that the inverter doesn’t get overloaded. In other words, it sources all the power it can, and the coffee maker just has to live with it. I wouldn’t want to run the coffee maker all the time that way, but I can tell you that it worked (though it seemed a touch slower than normal) and my coffee was plenty hot. That’s a serious win. Making one cup of coffee depleted the River Max from 100% to 85%.

(2) I plugged in a 10ish watt CFL into the AC outlet and River said it would run for about 30 some hours. That’s fine. We have battery powered lanterns, so whatever.

(3) An old lasko table fan (no idea what the specs are on it) also worked fine. At full speed, River said it would run for 5-6 hours. But remember that running fans and other motors is hard on batteries because of the induction. (Look up power factor for motors – they draw more than they say they do, basically.) Still, 6 hours of fan time isn’t bad. However, I ordered a 12V DC fan to use overnight (I’ll update the review with runtime specs when it gets here.) In general, DC devices will run much longer than AC ones because inverters are pretty inefficient.

FINALLY – in response to another review: yes, the Ecoflow River 600 Max connects to the internet, and the app is pretty cool. However, contrary to what someone else wrote, you do NOT need to be connected for the device to run or to use the app! There’s a button (IOT reset) on the device, and if you press it, it’ll let you connect directly to the device, no router needed. Thus, you can turn xBoost on and off in the middle of a camping trip.

This takes me to my only complaint: the app is nice and well-designed. Still, there should be a button for you to turn xBoost on and off on the device directly. I shouldn’t have to use an app just to make coffee. Still, this is the only portable battery pack I’ve found at its price point that can run a coffee maker. (Goal Zero, etc. can’t do this!) It also charges insanely fast. In real life, once I got my generator going, I’d just recharge River from it so that it’s ready to go in the evening.

One other positive: they’re really generous with cables! The River Max comes with: AC charging cord; solar cell charging cord; car charging power cord (you know, those cigarette lighter things); AND a USB-C to USB-C cord (for charging your phone); a DC to DC 15mm plug (or whatever it is); AND a USB-A to, well, some kind of Mac cable. it’s dual-headed. One of them is a lightning connector, I think, and so I assume the other is another kind of Mac plug. (Obviously I use a PC.) Just go read about other brands, like Goal Zero, and you’ll see they don’t come with nearly that kind of cabling. For the price, huge win. So, tentatively, five stars. After our next hurricane, I’ll let you know more.

8. Well designed, long lasting power, works perfectly.

I purchased Ecoflow River 600 Max to power a portable refrigerator / freezer that is used to transport vaccines and other pharmaceuticals by ground. I manage an on-site medical clinic, where we will go to a location and provide services to employees of our clients; and we needed a reliable refrigerator for storage of cold-chain vaccines and medications.

As a test, prior to use, I placed water bottles into the cooler and then left the cooler in my car while I was at work (June – July, in Texas). The cooler ran for more than a day before the power was depleted in the River Max – which is astounding for the cost and size and weight of this power station.

We’ve since been using this device several times a week. All temperatures are logged, and Ecoflow River 600 Max power unit has never let us down. When it comes down to my budget for the programs we run, this was a great investment. The EcoFlow River Max is the real deal – a well designed and capable product.

9. Awesome Ecoflow River 600 Max with great customer service and product support!

Have had Ecoflow River 600 Max for about a month and used it for a few weekends of camping. It has no problem keeping up with all of our electrical needs at camp including large dual-zone camp fridge, phone charging, bluetooth speaker charging, camp lighting and more. Also added an Ecoflow solar panel to the set-up and even with refrigerator running throughout the weekend the solar panel kept the battery charged to 100% during the daytime and never lower than 90% by morning. I have no doubt that even without recharging the Ecoflow River Max could power our campsite for an entire weekend with no problem. I had a slight issue with the handle which required me to communicate with the manufacturer a few times via email and they were always extremely responsive and offered viable solutions to my concern. All in all I am completely satisfied with my Ecoflow power station. I shopped around and researched other options for a month before choosing the Ecoflow River Max and I couldn’t be happier at this point. Looking forward to many great adventures with my new Ecoflow!

10. Great Power station with fast AC and Rockpals solar charging with APP Control

The Ecoflow River 600 Max is a great power station with MPPT charge controller, AC power adapter and 600W inverter built in.

When I received the River 600 MAX in came charged to around 35%. Plugged it into the AC outlet and it began to charge. It charges at a very fast rate of about 225W and a small fan turns on to cool. In under 2 hours it was 100% charged.

I loaded the Android River 600 APP and it allows many settings to be changed. The one I enabled was quiet mode which lowers the AC charge rate to 111W which makes much less heat and prolongs the battery life as well was lowering the cooling fan speed to make it quieter. The APP also allows remote control of the River 600 as well as remote monitoring. Also allows for firmware update which is highly recommened before heavy AC loads.

I live in Northern CA and we had a very bad rain storm and the PGE power went out at 1am. I have a RESMED 10 CPAP and I have the optional DC power adapter for it. Plugged the CPAP into the 12V auto type outlet. I bypassed the humidifier and it ran all night about 4W drain and only used about 8% of the River 600s battery capacity.

After days of clouds and rain I was able to test the Rockpals SP003 100W folding solar panel ( This is the old MC4 connector version NOT the 2020 Anderson connecter version) This connects directly to the River 600 MC4 to XT60 charging cable. I was outside at 8am setting it up. The sun had to rise over the house to get full sun on the Solar panel. So about 9am the River 600 was charging. The highest I saw was 94W as measured by the River 600. (See photo which is a screenshot from the APP on my tablet. Note estimated time to empty in this case is the time to a full charge) It charged from 43% to 94% capacity in about 4 hours when the clouds returned.

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