Ecoflow River Pro 720Wh




Charging power


Noise level


Light weight



  • Charges very quickly
  • The display is easy to read
  • Fairly lightweight and easy to carry
  • No need to carry bulky power adapters
  • Can easily fit in a small space


  • Does not support pass-through charging

Ecoflow is renowned for creating the world’s most inventive, eco-friendly power solutions. Its products deliver reliable power for adventures and emergencies. Now you can benefit from an efficient, reliable, and safe charging mechanism for your electronic devices with the Ecoflow river pro 720Wh portable power station.

Ecoflow river pro can power multiple devices simultaneously. Compatibility with a broad range of appliances proves their versatility. With the following Ecoflow river pro 720Wh portable power station review, you can eliminate the confusion and make a judicious decision on Ecoflow portable power station.

Ecoflow River Pro 720Wh Portable Power Station

ECOFLOW RIVER Pro Portable Power Station 720Wh

Now you can power multiple devices on the go in quite less time with this Ecoflow river pro portable power station. It is one of the best Ecoflow portable power station in terms of charging speed and user interface. Whether you demand efficient power output for work or play, this RIVER Pro unit offers reliable power. No need to fumble around looking for a facility to charge.

Within an hour or so, you can recharge your multiple devices at once. With multiple outlet options available (including 3 pure sine wave AC outlets), you can power up to 10 devices at once. Keep in mind that the total rated wattage of AC outlets must be below 600W (1200W peak).

Weighing approx. 17 lbs, it proves to be portable and easy to use anywhere. An easy-to-carry handle is available for ease of movement. Owning to the petite size, you can accommodate it in a car trunk or an indoor place. Various cables packed in the box are an AC charging cable, a solar charging cable, a car charging cable, and a DC5521-DC5525 cable. You also get a RIVER Pro GUARANTEE card and a user manual.

Key Features

  • The patented EcoFlow X-Stream technology can charge this power station from 0 to 80% in an hour.
  • The aforementioned technology can fully charge the power station in 1.6 hours.
  • The X-Stream fast-charge technology from Ecoflow removes the need for hauling bulky power adapters.
  • With the incorporated 600W inverter, this power station can power certain devices (like DIY tools and kitchen gadgets) up to 1800W (when the X-Boost feature is enabled)
  • When a RIVER Pro Extra Battery is added, the total battery capacity doubles from 720Wh to 1440Wh.
  • The addition of an extra battery helps you during traveling, outdoor activities, and camping where you require more power from your devices.
  • To use this power station as a solar generator, you can connect it to a 110W solar panel or a 160W solar panel.
  • When more solar power is required, you can connect two 110W solar panels in a parallel fashion, using a solar parallel cable.
  • While charging solar panels, vehicles, etc., this power station supports charging and discharging simultaneously.

Final Thoughts

From the present Ecoflow river pro 720Wh portable power station review, it is straightforward to efficiently charge your devices on the go. The ability to quickly charge your devices anywhere & anytime is the key specialty of Ecoflow river pro 720Wh power stations. Whether you head on for your favorite adventure or go on a road trip, these power stations prove to be useful owing to their portability.

Top 10 Ecoflow River Pro 720Wh Portable Power Station Reviews

1. Best in Class

The Ecoflow River Pro 720Wh is the largest of the River line and also the most expandable with the optional extra battery pack. This is the best performing small portable generator in its class – anywhere. With a 600W (1200W surge) pure sine wave inverter, a 720WH Liion battery (no, not LiFePO4) and a maximum 660W input charge rate, this is a small beast. Other comparable models have 300W inverters, 500WH batteries and a measly 100-200W input charge rate that takes half a day to recharge. The River Pro absolutely recharges to 80% in 1 hour flat and only takes an extra 45 min to top off to 100% – all with a battery that’s half again bigger than the 500WH competition.

Ecoflow River Pro 720Wh is not designed for BIG applications such as running an RV or home backup power. But it could run a home fridge in a pinch and will cover all your weekend camping lighting and recharge needs. It can even run a TV for a few hours and if you’re on the road you can have it recharged and ready for the next night, no problem.

There have been some other reviews talking down about not having LiFePO4 batteries because that was what had been purported in the Kickstarter campaign. But this is a production unit and is properly advertised as LIION which is rated at 800+ cycles to 80% capacity. Several features were changed and most of them were an improvement. Funding a Kickstarter campaign always contains risk and sometimes the products don’t make it to production at all. All I can say is that this is a fantastic item and works better than advertised, so far.

2. UPDATE: 5 Stars with New Firmware

I persevered with getting my mobile app to connect to the EcoFlow in order to give this thing a fair shake. I’m glad I did, because the newest firmware update solves almost all of my gripes. The only gripe I have now is the placement of the flashlight. The firmware solves most of the fan problems, having the fan only kick on when the device is hot. There is a “Quiet Charge” mode that reduces the charging wattage to 100W to prevent the fan from turning on. That means that it will not kick on when the battery is plugged in and fully charged (or charging slowly); it will not kick on when AC power is on without a device connected. Additionally, the app allows you to shut off the annoying beeping noise every time a button is pressed.

Now, with the app working properly, the beeping shut off, and the fans silenced when not truly needed, this Ecoflow River Pro 720Wh is truly 4.75 stars (-0.25 for the placement of the light), and it should serve me well for camping and off-grid telework.

3. Awesome Ecoflow River Pro 720Wh

I bought Ecoflow River Pro 720Wh power station after looking at several. For the price you can’t beat this unit. I’m using it for my RV as a bridge while in between destinations. It’s lightweight enough so moving it isn’t a issue and it’s sized just right for my needs. In the picture I have the unit sitting between the driver and passenger seats in the Rv. This way I can run my cell booster and charge it at the same time. For night stops I can plug the Rv power cord into it and am able to get over 7 hrs without charging it. This will be put to the test this week. The fan noise is minimal. Didn’t even notice it while testing it today. The mobile app is remarkable. It’s great to be able to check its status without having to go to the unit. Very happy with this purchase. No buyers remorse at all.


After doing much research on different portable power stations I chose the Ecoflow River Pro 720Wh and I’m happy I did. The main use I have for this power supply is to run my Iceco VL fridge. Our 7 year old son has Diabetes type 1, and keeping his medicine below 80 degrees F is our #1 priority on road trips.

The Ecoflow River Pro 720Wh does what it says it will do. I also purchased the extra battery for added comfort and extra measures. I have equipped my truck with a 100 watt solar panel that is permanently mounted above the cab.

On our last camping trip I made sure the Ecoflow Pro and extra battery were fully charged before we left. I stocked the Ice fridge fully and made sure it was at 36 degrees F before we left. After a two hour drive, because of the solar panel, I still had 100% of battery when we arrived to our camping destination.

Because of the pass through charging capabilities of the Ecoflow Pro, the Iceco fridge was powered by the solar panel. When we lost sunlight is when the Ecoflow began to shine. With 5 people constantly opening and closing the cooler over night, our Ice fridge remained at 36-40 degrees F, which is perfect for our food, drinks, and most importantly diabetic medicine (insulin). By morning, before the solar charger started producing, the battery level of the Ecoflow pro only dropped to 78%! And by noon the same day, the solar panel had fully recharged the EF Pro to 100%, and once again, the sun powered our Ice for the remainder of the day.

On our last day we had some clouds however the panel was still able to bring the EF Pro back to 100% before the sun started to fall. When we arrived home from our trip the EF Pro only fell to 78% at its lowest point during our entire camping trip and I was EXTREMELY impressed.

I am so happy with my purchase that I also purchased the Ecoflow Max and I have the same enthusiasm as well with its performance.

One of the features I like most about the EF Pro and Max is their charging capabilities. Both units will recharge from 0% to 100% in less than 2 hours, and to me that is important. Also, these have an “auto” feature for charging. My truck has a built in inverter that puts out 400 watts. I also have a “cigarette” style power supply in the bed of my truck, however I don’t use it, but I could if I needed to. But the main point is that I can leave the AC charging port of the EF Pro plugged in to the inverter of my truck AND have the solar panel connected at the same time. If I’m driving on a cloudy day or at night, the unit will automatically charge from the AC plug and if I am parked and the vehicle is not running, the EF Pro will automatically switch to solar charging.

I can’t express the comfort, convenience, and safety I feel now that I have the EF Pro working for me and strongly feel that everyone else with this unit will experience the same “quality of life” feeling I have, knowing that their possession of an Ecoflow Pro will perform it’s duties very well with a sense of security.

Now the bad: there really isn’t any bad, just one small annoyance and that is the wifi and app connection of these Ecoflow products. They connect to your device via wifi which if you are at home isn’t much of an issue. BUT, if you are camping wifi doesn’t really help you much. It would be nice to see a bluetooth feature in the future however there is one plus side of the wifi. If you are away from home and you have cell phone reception you can actually monitor the status of the EF Pro if it is at home and connected to wifi. This is actually a great feature if you are using the EF Pro as a UPS unit.

Even with this minor annoyance of lack of bluetooth, I still give the Ecoflow River Pro 720Wh a 5 star rating and will probably purchase more of these just to have for backup reasons. I haven’t even mentioned the 100w usb-c charging port, which works flawlessly. The AC ports worked great with our air pump for inflatable mattresses and boats. If you’re an “outdoorsy” that needs to charge drones, cameras, phones, anything with a battery, look no further, the EcoFlow products are an excellent choice and money well spent.

5. 1 year later & it’s STILL WORKING & WORTH IT

 I absolutely love Ecoflow!! This was my 1st solar generator. After a year of use for cooking, charging, & emergency usages (power outages here in California) I knew this brand is for me. I love it so much I just invested in a bigger unit!! Today I’ll be sharing how I cook using my Ecoflow. If you find this helpful I’ll return & do MORE REVIEWS using this to power other essentials most of us use nowadays. If you’re trying to decide to purchase… let me tell you I still have mine a year later and I use it a lot!! In my opinion it’s so worth it.

6. If you’re thinking of a solar generator, I highly recommend Ecoflow River Pro 720Wh.

Light for its size and capacity, looking forward to using it on my upcoming trip.

UPDATE: Two trips in and I am stoked with it! Solar does a great job of charging it back up, can run my camp lights and keep my photography gear running for a whole weekend.

I saw someone commented the app doesn’t work without internet which is false. The battery starts a WiFi Nework that you have to connect to with your phone which works independently of any cell or other WiFi network. Had no issues controlling using the app in the middle of the desert. Looking forward to getting the extra battery and another solar panel.

7. Be persistent

The product is good however the customer support number that they provide the 800 number is difficult to get through to when ever you leave them your phone number when they call back. For me i was disconnected when you call within the timelines they give you you get cut off and into an answering machine I’ve been trying now for almost two days to speak to a human being just to register my unit and my solar panels I’m not using the app I just need it for the house -just to get through is challenging…so I called Amazon they let me write a letter to the seller I got a letter or I should say an email back saying we can help you if you need us to help you with the warranty but not with the app and then Amazon did we help you yes or no how could I say yes or no when I had to say I choose to get the warranty registered anyway I just wanted to say the product seems to be a very stable product, but if you need customer support through the 800 number I wish you the best of luck..Finally after my persistence i did get through and did register my warranties.

8. Good Value, Some Quirks

Overall, the Ecoflow River Pro 720Wh is very dense; compared to the Max has more power but the same weight and size. The expansion and extra battery are very helpful and allow for more modular usage if needed. They advertise it can work with “up to 1800 watt” appliances, but that is misleading at best. Unless you are desperate and need to run something like a heater, turn off the “X-Boost” and do not exceed 600 watts. The app does warn you, but the unit comes with “X-Boost” enabled by default which is dangerous as it drops the voltage to output 600 watts, thus can damage motors and other equipment that is sensitive to voltage.

If you want the best value in terms of dollar per watt hour and features, you cannot beat the price of Ecoflow River Pro 720Wh. The extra battery adds even more value, but does make it a little more cumbersome to move around.

9. Love it for camping – Ecoflow River Pro 720Wh

Looked at all the different solar generators and settled on the ecoflow for a couple reasons. 1st was they had the 700+watt hours, where most of the others had 500 and then 1000, for the price 1000 seemed too much. The ability to add a second battery was a plus and finally was the fast recharge in less then an hour on AC, note in the car I got 14% in one hour. Have only used it on a single trip, but more than enough power for our likings. Was able to charge several phones, apple watches, Nintendo switch, surface pro and watch 2 movies on a 32″TV, all with 22% left. We have an RV and this worked great for taking the pressure off of the nickel cad batteries.

10. Far better than the goal zero’s I’ve owned.

I’ve owned the Yeto 400 (lead acid) and 1000 Core (new – DON’T BUY)… and now this. It’s mostly used to charge 12v fridge freezers and other small devices while overlanding and camping, as well as occasional backup and outdoor party needs.

This is a great item because it’s lightweight and easily portable, plus I bought the spare battery – so I got roughly 400 more watt hours than the goal zero 1000core for about the same money. So I can use the smaller battery for everyday stuff and take the extra with me only when needed. It seems that’s about 3+day trips.

Anyways Ecoflow River Pro 720Wh doesn’t stink like the terrible, and I mean UNACCEPTABLE VOC offgassing of the Goal Zero 1000 core (it could not be indoors or inside a vehicle cab and the company says “normal for manufacturing”… I happen to know better and obviously so does Ecoflow).

Anyway, really like the options, the charge time from 110v, 12v, and solar and the usage time I get on the fridge/ freezer units I have. Only downside is the units don’t stack and the chain cable is really rigid and poorly placed.

But you won’t be disappointed with Ecoflow River Pro 720Wh unless you’re trying to back up a house or something dumb. Their Delta units are designed more for that.

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