While camping or traveling or at home, you can use Goal Zero boulder 100 watt solar panels to charge your devices. These are mountable and portable solar panels designed to provide efficient charge output. They are portable enough to be conveniently transported anywhere but also durable enough for permanent installation.

The ability to efficiently capture solar energy makes sure you can power your critical devices whenever you want it. Moreover, Goal Zero boulder 100 watt solar panels are compatible with any Goal Zero power pack. So, you can harness and store the solar energy in form of power which you can use for your frequently used devices. Usually, these panels are built using sturdy tempered glass and a sturdy aluminum frame for long-lasting usage. With the assistance of the following Goal Zero boulder 100 watt solar panel review, you can end up with the best solar panel that meets your needs.

Goal Zero Boulder 100 Watt Solar Panel

Goal Zero Boulder 100 Watt Solar Panel

Whether at the camping of worksite or home, Goal Zero boulder 100w solar panel works as an efficient charging solution. It can be best paired with a Goal Zero power station to obtain a solar charging solution at any place. Whenever the grid goes down, the panel can work as a backup power source at home. In various cases, the 100W is adequate to charge various types of devices you carry outdoors.

The portable monocrystalline made panels inside are built to last long. Aligning at a perfect angle is easy because the panel is equipped with a kickstand. This component helps you to receive optimal sunlight at any location. When not in use, you can store the kickstand safely for transportation. If you want to charge your tools at any time of day, you can use the panel with a portable power station or a Goal Zero portable power pack.

Key Features

  • The panel does not hold a charge and instantly delivers the power it produces when exposed to sunlight.
  • Its charging capacity is 28-56 hours.
  • This standalone panel can be mounted on vehicles, vans, sheds, etc.
  • To boost solar capacity, the panel can be chained with multiple Boulder panels.
  • The construction is made using robust tempered glass as well as an aluminum frame with extra corner protection.
  • With the tempered glass cover, the panel is lightweight and weatherproof.
  • The added corner protection offers installation flexibility –permanent or temporary.

Pros And Cons

  • Easy to build your own mounting hardware
  • Built from durable glass and frame
  • Stays protected from external damaging elements
  • Delivers charging output for many hours
  • Easy to align at the optimal angle to the sun
  • Takes some time for setup

What To Consider When Buying Goal Zero Boulder 100 Watt Solar Panel?

To thoroughly accomplish the boulder 100w solar panel review, it is great if you know the details about factors that influence the buying decision. Discussed below are the aspects that play a notable role in the buying decision for Goal Zero boulder 100 watt solar panels.

1. Charging capacity

The charging capacity of boulder 100w solar panels indirectly determines the charging efficiency. This aspect indicates for how much time the panel can continue to deliver charge at the output. It depends on solar conditions. For example, the charging capacity will be observed as high during extreme sunlight and low during cloudy conditions. Typically, plenty of Goal Zero boulder solar panels can charge in 10-20 hours. Some of the superior quality panels in this category may deliver charge output for up to 28 hours or more.

2. Alignment

To make the most of your efforts behind the installation of the panel, make sure it is aligned properly. If this solar panel is not properly aligned, it may not fully receive the sunlight. Consequently, it leads to lower charging efficiency and waste of resources as well. Considering this point, Goal Zero equips many of these solar panels with a kickstand. It works as a versatile tool that folds out at an angle under 45°.

The reason behind why the angle limit is only under 45° is that Goal Zero intended to let users gain the maximum benefit of optimum sunlight.

3. Charging cable

When you want to connect multiple boulder 100w solar panels to charge a solar generator or any other device, an 8 mm chaining cable can be useful. You can check whether this cable is included in the pack or not. With this cable, you can connect up to 4 various solar panels in a single power-pole connector. Moreover, the connector allows any Goal Zero solar panel having an 8 mm jack to be connected to the connector.

4. Devices for charging

These solar panels are versatile enough to charge various kinds of your devices. Still, to avoid hassles later on, you can check the device compatibility for charging, before purchase. Generally, boulder 100w solar panels can charge devices like smartphones, laptops, camera batteries, portable power banks, solar generators, flashlights, and other electronic devices.

Final Thoughts

Depending on power output requirements for charging, you can choose a 50W or 100W, or 200W Goal Zero boulder solar panel. This Goal Zero boulder 100 watt solar panel review streamlines your purchasing decision depending on the power requirements. Any of Goal Zero boulder solar panels can be used at outdoor places or simply as backup power sources at home. All these panels are famous for providing high charging efficiency.