Goal Zero Boulder 200 Briefcase


Easy to use




Value for money



  • Durable enough for use at any outdoor places
  • High charging efficiency
  • The briefcase-style design offers great portability
  • Tempered glass covering makes it weatherproof
  • Included canvas bag simplifies transportation


  • Slightly bulky
  • The kickstand comes with a fixed 45°

While camping or traveling or at home, you can use Goal Zero boulder 200 watt solar panels to charge your devices. These are mountable and portable solar panels designed to provide efficient charge output. They are portable enough to be conveniently transported anywhere but also durable enough for permanent installation.

The ability to efficiently capture solar energy makes sure you can power your critical devices whenever you want it. Moreover, Goal Zero boulder 200 watt solar panels are compatible with any Goal Zero power pack. So, you can harness and store the solar energy in form of power which you can use for your frequently used devices. Usually, these panels are built using sturdy tempered glass and a sturdy aluminum frame for long-lasting usage. With the assistance of the following Goal Zero boulder 200 watt solar panel review, you can end up with the best solar panel that meets your needs.

Goal Zero Boulder 200 Watt Solar Panel

Goal Zero Boulder 200 Watt Solar Panel

The present Goal Zero boulder 200w solar panel review highlights a durable and consistent charging solution. This boulder 200 briefcase is designed to perfectly pair with a Goal Zero Yeti power station. When paired this way, it can work as an efficient solar charging solution. Therefore, you can then use it for work sites or camping, or off-grid events. Also, it is suitable for indoors as a backup power source. Whenever exposed to sunlight, this boulder 200w solar panel instantly produces power.

Its interior structure highlights two 100w monocrystalline solar panels that are combined in a briefcase-style for excellent portability. The entire panel stays stable with the presence of an anodized aluminum frame. This frame comes with extra corner protection. Moreover, the tempered glass makes the panel weatherproof. The included canvas bag is durable enough to support easy transportation for use every time. In nutshell, the investment in this panel justifies every pound.

Key Features

  • Based on the density of the cloud and its effect on the efficiency of the panel, it can take approx.10-18 hours of sunlight to entirely recharge a Yeti 400.
  • The panel can recharge Yeti 1000 in 10-20 hours, Yeti 1400 in 14-28 hours, and Yeti 3000 in 0-60 hours.
  • The available kickstand helps you to accurately align this panel for optimal reception of sunlight. Also, this kickstand can be stored in a safe place for easy transportation.

Final Thoughts

Depending on power output requirements for charging, you can choose a 50W or 100W, or 200W Goal Zero boulder solar panel. This Goal Zero boulder 200 watt solar panel review streamlines your purchasing decision depending on the power requirements. Any of Goal Zero boulder solar panels can be used at outdoor places or simply as backup power sources at home. All these panels are famous for providing high charging efficiency.

Top 10 Goal Zero Boulder 200 Watt Solar Panel Reviews

1. Works great in conjunction with the Goal Zero 1000W Power Station

Bought this mainly for emergency use, but also occasional offgrid needs. First test was to hook it up to the power station and run a RecTeq Bullseye wood pellet smoker/grill. Using the two together, was able to get a net positive charge while running the smoker (in other words, it was charging faster than the smoker was drawing power). This was on a mostly sunny/partly cloudy day, with a little bit of shade on the panel. Granted, the power station and solar panel are brand new, but they seem pretty solid and well built. So far it seems like a good investment. My only constructive criticism so far is I wish the cord from the solar panel to the power station was a couple of feet longer – I’m guessing it’s about 4-5 feet, an 8 foot cord would be really handy, but it’s not a deal breaker.

2. Great product but super heavy and cumbersome

I’ve bought 4 of these and it always makes me laugh that every single one of them shows up looking like it just came from the scene of a major car wreck. They are much heavier than they look and the legs open when you don’t want them to, making it very difficult to use in any manner other than what you see in the photo. Durable frame and solar panels (dropped one of them twice from 2 or 3 feet and works perfectly) but the hinges are not sufficient to handle this much weight. One of them is already tearing (literally tearing) loose from the other panel since the thing weighs about 60 lbs and it’s all resting on these tiny little hinges. The legs opening up and swinging around makes it difficult to move the thing around if not in a closed position. Still, very good product and I recommend it to my friends who want to be energy independent and still somewhat mobile. Overall very well done, but figure out a better situation with the hinges.

3. They are a company of commitment and responsibility fulfilled.

I LIVATE that they were very RESPONSIBLE with the delivery date. I was displeased that they didn’t send to P.R. and I had to use a friend who lives in New York to re-send me the article. The article is still in New York, so I can’t send a photo or video. I want the solar panels to connect to the solar genetator and ENERGY all my home for the hurricane season that has already begun. This action gives me SE-GU-RI-DAD physical and emotional, because for 2017 I spent Hurricane Maria lighting me with candles and a watering lamp, a “TRUMATIC” EXPERIENCE. May the Lord BLESS Goal Zero Company, I will be eternally grateful to you, for bringing: ENERGY, PEACE, JOY and SECURITY to my home.

4. Great product / Expensive / but you get what you pay for

Great product. Works as advertised. Get about 120-130 watts into my goal zero yeti from these panels. Anything greater than 50% is acceptable. Overall I’m happy with my boulder 200 watt briefcase solar panels

5. Goal Zero Boulder 200 is very large and extremely powerful.

This is an amazing solar panel. Be warn it is huge. This panel set up when hooked up to my Yeti 1000 lithium through the optional MPPT solar panel adapter from Goal Zero I get about 150-180 Watts per hour on a clear day. The unit has an Anderson Power Pole output not the traditional 8mm like the small panels from goal zero. I continue to be amazed by how much power it can produce just from sun light. I absolutely love it. The only con is its size and weight. It weights 42 lbs (19kg) and unfolds to a massive 40 x 53.5 x 1.75 in. I use it regularly on my longer camping trips and it does the job.

6. Good Solar panel – Goal Zero Boulder 200

We got Goal Zero Boulder 200 to replace a smaller briefcase panel set. Very happy with the quick charging of these. Only drawback is they are a little big, I would recommend them though.

7. A Puertorican goal zero experience after Maria.

These panels cost more because they are monochrystaline panels, all monochrystaline panels cost more.
Monochrystaline panels produce more and are more heat resistant. Normally monochrystaline panels are best to used if you have a small space for panels, which is why goal zero went with mono they expect their kit to be portable.

For big spaces polichristaline panels are best, because of the low cost, wouldn’t recommend for portability.
With that said I own the yeti 1400 and you definitely need 2 of these, 100w panels, along with the mppt goal zero upgrade to get the most put of these panels, and it isn’t the panels fault is the goal zeros stock charge controller, it sucks. These panels have been outside for months and they still work like a charm. Againg they are very good, still think 3rd party monochrystaline panels might cost less but with how limited the specs are for the goal zero inputs, I recommend these panels to avoid headache and any chances of screwing up the Goal Zero. Remember for goal zeros 1k and above use 2 to 3 of the 100w panels along with the goal zero mppt, that’s my set up and it generates enough for me to charge the goal zero while having things plugged in runing without draining the battery. That’s why people gave it 1 star because the goal zero charge controller limits the panels input to the goal zero.

8. Goal Zero Boulder 200 Worked Well

This panel worked well with our Yeti 1000X. What I didn’t think about is just how ‘unobstructed’ the sunlight needs to be to achieve full potential. You need a place where you can get direct sunlight, and a single fluffy cloud on an otherwise sunny day will take the power input from 190W right down to 0 until the cloud passes. That said, I still prefer this solar option to gasoline because the solar is silent and I don’t have to manage a dangerous gasoline supply/storage and its constant replenishment.

9. The perfect complement to the Yeti 3000X

I just finished writing my review on the Yeti 3000X which I gave 5-stars and will turn to the Goal Zero Boulder 200 solar panel. It came a few days after the 3000X but I waited to use or charge the 3000X so I could use the solar panel. Once hooked up it went to 171 watts charging and worked like a charm. I didn’t wait to get to 100% because I also wanted to charge the balance with the new 600W charger I also purchased. It also worked perfect and I was amazed how hot it got during charging. Then the two fans turned on the charger and one blows air out while the other blows air in the unit to quickly cool it down. Both Goal Zero products are well build and I feel are worth the extra money because they will be around for many years. I highly recommend both!

10. Heavy, but does great.

Works good, but heavy, about 40 pounds. the glass will be towards the outside when folded and no padding in the bag to help protect it and recommend help in putting the bag back on. I used it with my solar generator and done well with the light load I had on it.

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