Goal Zero Nomad 10




Light weight


Value for money



  • Nice adjustability of the tilt angle throughout
  • Can charge some power-hungry devices
  • Lightweight design for the perfect fit in a backpack


  • Does not contain fastening clips or carabiners
  • Takes much time to charge external batteries

When it comes to recharging the batteries, solar panels are excellent tools. They can consistently deliver power during emergencies, power outages, or recreational activities. This is why the need for solar panels is escalating in this era. The Goal Zero nomad 10 solar panels prove to be must-haves for road trippers. Whether you are in a car or van and anybody requires some additional power at the campsite. In such cases, these solar panels come handy. You can keep the one in the closet so that you can use it as an emergency backup. Eliminate your confusion on how to pick up Goal Zero nomad solar panels as the following Goal Zero nomad 10 solar panel review helps you pick the right solar panel that meets your needs.

Goal Zero Nomad 10 Solar Panel

Goal Zero Nomad 10 Solar Panel

Goal Zero nomad 10 solar panel is renowned for its portability and efficient operation. The portable design lets you use it for hiking, backpacking, and travel. A USB port is included to charge your small devices. Accessories in the pack are an adjustable kickstand and a solar panel charger.

Since it can deliver efficient charge output, you can charge a portable 10,000 mAh USB battery in the day. Moreover, you can charge the GoPro devices or cellphone at night. When faced to direct sunlight, the charging efficiency comes up to be very high.

With this panel, you can fully charge Flip 20 in 6.5 hours. Regardless of the sunlight, the charging process continues to work smoothly. Whether it is a bright sunny day or a partly cloudy atmosphere, the panel continues to deliver consistent charge output. However, the best charging condition is achieved when there are no clouds. When the power is out, you can use this panel to charge your fans, phones, etc. The small devices can be charged in an hour.

Key Features

  • The voltage range is 6-7v.
  • When unfolded, the dimensions are 9.5 inches x 14.5 inches x 0.75 inches. Dimensions, when folded, are 9.5 inches x 7.2 inches x 1.2 inches.
  • Due to its compact design, the panel can be attached to a backpack while hiking.
  • The included kickstand can incline by 180°. It offers great adjustability so that you can install the panel in the most suitable conditions.
  • It weighs 1.2 lbs.

Final Thoughts

Consistent and efficient charging are the key attributes of Goal Zero nomad 10 solar panels. Through the Goal Zero nomad 10 solar panel review, it becomes straightforward to pick the one fulfilling your needs. They are straightforward to install at the desired location. Owing to the rugged construction, they can withstand the rigors of external conditions. They can reliably charge varied types of devices so that you can accomplish your outdoor trip without any worries.

Top 10 Goal Zero Nomad 10 Solar Panel Reviews

1. Used on a weeklong sailing trip

The Goal Zero Nomad 10 works as expected. I used it on a week long ocean sailing trip. I charged a portable 10000mAh USB battery (ANKER PowerCore 10000) during the day with the panel and used the battery to charge my cellphone and go-pro each night. I had direct sunlight but the panel got sprayed by the occasional breaking wave – though never too soaked. The device worked really well and I would recommend it to anyone for value for the money. The only con was that the device does not include any carabiners or fastening clips.

2. Charges Well Even on a Cloudy Day

Recently bought and tested the Goal Zero Nomad 10 on a mostly cloudy day using the Goal Zero Flip 20 and am very satisfied with how quickly it charged the device given the less than ideal conditions.

For context, I live at 4900 ft above sea-level in a high desert, so the UV even on a cloudy day is very high. The Nomad 10 fully charged my Flip 20 (which was completely dead) in just under 6.5 hours. The first hour of charging was clear and sunny conditions, while the rest of the charging time there were thick to partly cloudy conditions. I checked the charging progress on the Flip 20 (it has 4 LED lights to indicate the power level) every hour and even with the cloudy conditions, it was charging to some extent, but, the best charging occurred not surprisingly during the first hour when there were no clouds overhead. I haven’t a chance to test it out on a perfectly clear day yet, but, judging from how quickly it charged the Flip 20 the first hour, my guess it would fully charge in 4 to 5 hours in direct sun.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with the Nomad 10 so far. After doing a lot of research on portable, low weight solar options, and having great experiences with other Goal Zero products like the Flip 20, I opted for the Nomad 10 because it strikes a good balance of wattage, size, durability, weatherproofness, and weight and I’ll be using it primarily for backpacking, bike packing, car camping, and emergency use.

The only improvements I think Goal Zero could make would be to find a way to make it fully waterproof (the USB connection point is the only place where water could wreck a power bank or other device that is being charged) and to reduce the weight even more by using titanium for the bracket that holds the Goal Zero brand power banks as well as the adjustable stand. It would add more cost, but the weight savings, especially for backpacking and bike packing where ounces can really matter would be worth it.

3. Awesome product and seller

The customer reviews mean a lot and they very often help make my decision on what I get and who is selling. The Goal Zero Nomad 10 is exactly as described and arrived promptly regardless of me buying during the Corona Pandemic! Would buy again. Will refer everyone who needs a way to keep their phones and tablets charged up to them.

4. Goal Zero Nomad 10 charges very quickly in full sun.

This worked wonders on my recent 5 day backpacking trip. I hardly even needed my power banks with all the sun we had. It charges very quickly in full sun. In fact, I noticed no difference between an outlet and full sun. It is a bit heavy weighing in at just over a pound. But worth it’s weight on a leisurely backpacking trip.

5. Perfect Charge every time.

First time using a solar panel and it worked really well. Used it in California during the month of February 2022. Direct sun allowed for charging of a power bank in 6hrs. Used it to charge phone which also allowed for 3hrs charge in no time. Really awesome product and worked great for storing it in my backpack when not needed. Definitely love goal zero.

6. Sturdy, easy to use solar panel

This is a great little camping or emergency solar panel. It is a bit heavier than I wanted it to be, but it’s also much more solidly built than I expected. It feels like it could take some pretty good abuse and keep working. I was able to get 8 watts with direct sunlight outside on a clear day in the midwest with the panels pointed directly at the sun. I also use it to charge my phone during the day by hanging the solar panel in front of a window. The window nearly cuts the output in half to about 5 watts, but that’s more than enough to fully charge a 5,000mAh battery on a sunny winter day.

7. A great solar panel – Goal Zero Nomad 10

I bought Goal Zero Nomad 10 as something to keep in my backpack in case I need power on long outings. Did not disappoint. Very light and portable while not being flimsy. It’s obvious that it is very well-made. I gave a four stars on the water resistance because obviously the USB port itself is not water resistant. Also, the charging power technically is only 7.5 W as that is the limit that the USB port can output. Overall, a great solar panel that will last me for years.

8. Small panel, big appearance

For the small load in between. Individual devices charge quickly and safely within half a day (full sun). The Anker Powercore 26k mAh took three days of full sun until it was full. There are then about 6 individual charges of phone/tablet. The panel is not too big and fits in every outdoor bag. Must have for independent power supply for small appliances. Tip: After charging, let it cool down unfolded and only then stow it away again.

9. Portable and easy to use

The panels are protected by folding up so they easily slide into a pack. Just open it up, adjust the kickstand, set it so it gets the best sun, and plug in your USB device. Really easy. I have a Goal Zero voyager 30 battery pack that will full charge in about 4 hours (and that will charge my phone at least twice). I like it because it’s simple, not fragile, and works well.

10. Goal Zero Nomad 10, awesome product

I’m using it to run my macbook air with the m1 processor. it never hung on the power plug. with this panel and the power bank on it, my computer feeds well. It does a lot and the adjustability of the tilt angle is very well thought out.

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