Goal Zero Yeti 150


Easy to use


Light weight




Battery life


Value for money



  • Less time for charging and recharging
  • Quickly charges smaller electronics
  • Can work with durable solar panels
  • Can recharge up to 5 devices simultaneously


  • A little bit heavy
  • The display is extremely simple

Whether you require power while camping or simply looking for a reliable emergency power supply, Goal Zero Yeti 150 portable power station helps you. It keeps all your essential devices charged on the go. The support for multiple options to deliver power depicts its versatility. Some of portable power stations from Goal Zero even support fast charging.

The compact size confirms that it can fit perfectly in a car. So, you can always keep your power-hungry devices charged during long road trips. Despite being capable to provide massive power output, Goal Zero Yeti 150 doesn’t generate fumes or pollution. Get acquainted with one of the best portable power stations as discussed in the following Goal Zero Yeti 150 portable power station review.

Goal Zero Yeti 150 Portable Power Station

Goal Zero Yeti 150 Portable Power Station

Keep your frequently used electronics charged on the go with this professional-grade power station. In terms of charging speed and compatibility, Goal Zero Yeti 150 portable power station is one of the best ones in the Goal Zero portable power stations. To ensure reliable operation, it is being field-tested in a broad range of environments, extending from desert to job sites. You can charge your phones, cameras, tablets, light equipment, and more.

You can pair it with a rugged solar panel to benefit from a solar charging solution on the go. To use it as a solar generator, you can use one of the monocrystalline solar panels from Goal Zero. Subsequently, you can juice up this power station through solar energy. You can charge it from the sun and can also use it simultaneously. Charging while traveling is hassle-free with a 12V car charging cable.

Its compact size lets you accommodate it in a bag or you can keep it in your hands for use during emergencies. Overall shape and size seem perfect for use in the backseat of a car. The use of a 150Wh lead-acid battery suggests that this power station is safe to use for airline travel.

Key Features

  • Various port options include an AC outlet, 2 USB ports, and 12V output.
  • With the included power supply, you can easily charge from a wall outlet. Alternate ways of charging are through GZ solar panels or recharging from the 12V adapter of a car.
  • The 2.1A USB ports are perfect for recharging phones and tablets.
  • The 80W modified-sine wave AC inverter works perfectly for DSLR camera batteries and smaller laptops.
  • 12V ports are perfect for charging low-power lights.
  • Powerful battery capacity lets this power station recharge up to 5 devices simultaneously.
  • Recharging time from an AC outlet is approx. 6 hours, 3 hours from solar panels, and approx. 8 hours from a 12V outlet.

Final Thoughts

From the above Goal Zero Yeti 150 portable power station review, it becomes quite clear to pick the most suitable power station meeting your needs. It is competent enough to power various types of devices at once. For instant power supply anywhere & anytime, this equipment proves to be so much reliable. Goal Zero Yeti 150 keeps your electronics and other appliances charged and running for a long time.

Top 10 Goal Zero Yeti 150 Portable Power Station Reviews

1. Goal Zero Yeti 150 – Small, light, and works!

First, let me explain that I wanted something very simple, easy to setup and for the most part run my SnoMaster 12v fridge. I do a bit of wandering in my Jeep and I carry a fridge for the food and drinks. What I worry about is having the Jeep battery die way out in the bush, because it’s a long walk home. Call it a trust issue, I even carry a Jump Pack for the Jeep. But this battery pack will run my fridge (5 watt draw) for about 3 nights before being drained. It takes about 16 hours to recharge it using the 12v connection in the Jeep while driving, but I also have a 60 watt solar panel which will charge it in about a day (6 to 10 hours). I recently went on a 6 day trip to Moab and it was awesome! Kept the fridge (and the food) cold and took up very little space. In fact, I would recommend buying two of these, less cost than the Yeti 400, and yet will do a lot, especially if you are traveling. Love this little Goal Zero Yeti 150!

2. Absolutely love the Goal Zero Yeti 150!

This Goal Zero Yeti 150 portable power station is amazing. We have a new open air shop at the MN Renaissance Festival and we started out with a 12 volt battery to plug in our lights. The 12 volt was awkward to carry since it had no handle, it was very heavy and it didn’t seem to hold a charge for very long. Plus it had to be charge with a heavy duty battery charger, which was a pain. We were so thrilled when a vendor neighbor recommended the Goal Zero. It is lighter weight, has a wonderful, comfortable handle for carrying, plugs in inside the house and you leave it plugged in all the time for the health of the battery. So during the off season, we just leave it plugged it and it’s always ready! We plugged in a power strip with two workshop clip lights with 11 watt bulbs in them and it ran for about 5 hours before it got low. And we could charge our phone with it too when needed. The charging cord box only gets warm when it is first charging up. Once it is fully charged, and left plugged in, it doesn’t get warm again, which gives peace of mind when storing it during the off season. Next year we are considering getting a solar panel to attach to it to help extend its life during the day. So pleased with Goal Zero Yeti 150! Brilliant construction and functionality! Definitely recommend.

3. Paired with two Nomad 20 panels and charged on sunny day.

Paired with two Nomad 20 panels and charged on sunny day quickly. Has multiple connections. Holds charge very well. DO get at least two Nomad 20 panels. Used only one at first and then got second for much faster recharge. Lost power during storm and Yeti used to recharge phones, portable Goal Zero lights. Next day quickly recharged with panels. Now a big fan of solar.

4. Great Product – Goal Zero Yeti 150

I ordered the Goal Zero Yeti 150 to run my C-Pap machine while on a 3 night camping trip. After much research on the internet and almost buying a deep cycle amg battery, I stumbled across this product. I tested it out before I went on my camping trip and was not disappointed. The Yeti 150 will power the C-Pap for two nights with the A/C plug-in before a charge was needed. I had heard that using the 12V DC plug would add an additional night, so I bought a DC adapter for my C-pap machine and tested it out, and sure enough, the Yeti 150 lasted 3 nights without needing a charge. I am more than pleased with this product and will be ordering the solar panels to charge it for when I go on longer camping trips.

5. Solid Performer

We have a cabin off the grid and have six (6) of these Yeti 100 power stations; use them daily; have 100 & 250 amp solar arrays for charging. All work like a charm. We number each unit (#’s 1-6) to be able to identify which units have dying batteries; happens to all units over time. Would love to be able to desulfate the dying batteries ourselves because replacement batteries are not cheap ($38 as of today). The units are relatively small, about the volume and weight of a cartoon of milk, so even the grandkids can move these units around easily enough. We did tons of research before buying them and they have lived up to their good reviews. I doubt you could show me a “better” unit.

6. 2019 This was a fantastic choice. 2022, still yes, very yes.

August 30th 2019 I’m thrilled… absolutely thrilled… my electric cello can run all day on it with my 15watt amp.

Update: still so much love, thinking I might buy a second soon. To have one plugged in while I’m out, and pull the charged one.

Second update: Altogether I bought the goal zero boulder 50 watt solar panel and a yeti 150 solar generator. Everything I need built in, no “Oh no I need more cords” moment. I am in love… I’m homeless, and I play electric cello, so it’s complicated. This is a fantastic little setup, I highly suggest it. Electric cello alone, busking time I could power just my 15 watt amp from my generator’s 80 watt max output, all day and all night straight. Powers just me and my handheld tech with some practice time on cello for around 4 days without charge, and I don’t feel like I’m waiting forever for my generator to charge in the sun. Generator charges both solar and by plugging it into a wall. Boulder 50 + Yeti 150… pure gold. I’m a 5’5″ lady, and travel a fair amount of stuff with me. The size makes a difference, and for the weight, this is ideal. ☆☆☆☆☆

April 10th 2021, still using it, still loving it. Each replacement battery is about $50 before shipping and handling. I just ordered the next size up, the 200x, and another boulder 50 panel. The yeti 150 cannot cook up hot water, but the 200x can power a mini fridge for 8 hours… so I am betting on that and keeping it anyway because this stuff is so freaking durable and can survive my life.

These days I own 2 of their crush lanterns, a Goal Zero Yeti 150 with the boulder 50 panel, and am awaiting my new order from Goal Zero with the 200x and an additional panel. Love love love love love this gear. I didn’t know anything about solar really, and I am autistic. The setup is pretty A to B simple. Point it to the sun, and put the cord for the panel directly into the generator’s front port. *shrugs* No lost cord problems ever. Thank you Goal Zero, I am a fan for life.

7. Been reliable source of power for years

In 2015 I bought Goal Zero Yeti 150 for a camping trip. It has powered all of our campsites ever since. We usually go with a few families and have modest power needs: cell phones, flashlights, toy drones, etc. A few years later I bought a solar panel to top it up during the camp – but it pretty much can power all our needs for a few days. I am surprised that we have found lots of uses for it in-between camping trips though. It is just portable enough that it can be moved around the house or into the backyard and power a device without having to be tethered to an extension cord. WARNING: rated at Continuous 80W (160W) surge It doesn’t allow a large draw of watts, so it doesn’t power larger devices or ones with a larger power requirement. This can sometimes be disappointing but as this isn’t my typical use-case and I wasn’t expecting this so I’m not going to rate it lower because of this.

UPDATE: year 5 of use. Still handy! I re-read my review and I don’t have much to add. Thought about upgrading but haven’t seen the need. More and more hand held devices accompany camping as the kids get older… but the yeti and our tiny solar panel can still keep up. The other dad’s especially appreciate the ability to charge their phones at the campsite.

8. Perfect for road trips, truckers using CPAP, and for camping

No stretch, plenty of thickness, no extra warmth. Because this power bank doesn’t have extra fluff, but what it does have is plenty of power for small electronics, such as cameras, laptops, phones, and small, 12v CPAP machines such as the Philips DreamStation and DreamStation Go.

It’s well worth the money and because it’s also got solar charging capability, you can truly use it anywhere for camping, road trips, or even as a small generator for using said devices when power goes out.

The image shows me using the Goal Zero Yeti 150 with a Torch 250 LED light and the Philips DreamStation Auto with it’s 12v adapter. The CPAP’s Humidifier is on 5 and the heated tubing is also set to 5. The DreamStation had been running over an hour, the battery charge had just dropped from 60 to 40.

9. Easy to use and good battery life.

I used Goal Zero Yeti 150 recently camping with my C-Pap machine. I ran my C-pap without the humidifier using a 12v adapter straight into the Goal Zero. I was able to get two nights with about a third of the battery to spare. I’m sure it would have provided another nights use if I wanted to push it. It’s easy to use, straight forward operation make it a good choice (even if it’s more expensive than a few other choices). It’s compact and dense, but easy to keep out of the way.

10. Amazing product

This is one of the most amazing products I’ve found in a long time. We do a lot of camping, off the grid, but still like to take pictures, videos and use our cell phone. The power lasted for 4 days of heavy use. (2 people) but I really think it could have handled more. I purchased a solar charger to keep it charged up, but every time I plugged the solar panel in, the Generator showed fully charged.

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