Goal Zero Yeti 200X




Easy to use


Light weight


Value for money



  • Quite and easy to use
  • Lightweight design offers ease of carrying anywhere
  • 6 output ports can power different devices
  • Efficient solar charging supported
  • Implemented with multiple layers of protection


  • Pricey

Whether you require power while camping or simply looking for a reliable emergency power supply, Goal Zero Yeti 200X lithium portable power station helps you. It keeps all your essential devices charged on the go. The support for multiple options to deliver power depicts its versatility. Some of portable power stations from Goal Zero even support fast charging.

The compact size confirms that it can fit perfectly in a car. So, you can always keep your power-hungry devices charged during long road trips. Despite being capable to provide massive power output, Goal Zero Yeti 200X lithium doesn’t generate fumes or pollution. Get acquainted with one of the best portable power stations as discussed in the following Goal Zero Yeti 200X lithium portable power station review.

Goal Zero Yeti 200X Lithium Portable Power Station

Goal Zero Yeti 200X Lithium Portable Power Station

If you want a safe, reliable, and efficient power source for charging your devices then Goal Zero Yeti 200X is for you. It is exceptionally designed considering product safety as the key priority. It is backed with multiple layers of protection. Throughout the operation, it stays protected against over-temperature, over-voltage, and under-voltage. Also, the battery management system is implemented to supervise individual cells and analyze battery health.

Its specifications mention that it is a 200Wh portable power station with USB-C PD fast-charging and AC inverter. The entire construction is made durable to last longer. Moreover, it is field-tested in a broad range of environments, extending from home to job sites.

The power output is so efficient that you can operate a CPAP machine for 3-4 nights on a single charge. Keep in mind that if you want to operate high-consumption devices like a coffee pot then this Yeti 200X portable power station is not for you. Being lightweight, it serves as a practical solution for trips. You can charge multiple phones, laptops, iPads, power banks, Bluetooth speakers, etc.

Key Features

  • 6 various output ports help you to power a wide range of devices like laptops, phones, cameras, fridges, and more.
  • It supports an 18W USB-C port, 2 USB-A ports, a 60W USB-C PD, a 12V outlet, and a 120V AC Inverter.
  • 200Wh lithium battery can charge your laptop 4 times, phone 16 times, and helps you to operate LED lights for max. 42 hours.
  • High-speed 60W USB-C Power Delivery port supports fast charging of compatible smartphones, tablets, and laptops.
  • Built-in MPPT charge controller guarantees the most efficient solar charge possible.
  • This power station can be recharged from the sun in 2.5 hours with 100W solar panels.
  • You can recharge from the wall in 4 hours with included 60W power supply.

Final Thoughts

From the above Goal Zero Yeti 200X lithium portable power station review, it becomes quite clear to pick the most suitable power station meeting your needs. It is competent enough to power various types of devices at once. For instant power supply anywhere & anytime, this equipment proves to be so much reliable. Goal Zero Yeti 200X lithium keeps your electronics and other appliances charged and running for a long time.

Top 10 Goal Zero Yeti 200X Lithium Portable Power Station Reviews

1. Good unit, power drain is a little faster than anticipated with my laptop

Seems a little pricey. Additionally, my Microsoft Surface laptop drains the battery in less than an hour from a full charge. Also, when it is plugged in, it charges slower than my laptop drains the battery. I understand this is a small unit, but I expected a little more storage. Lastly, it would be nice if the unit out of the box included the 12V car charger adapter along with the standard power cord. Why not just include both items, especially for the cost of the unit.

2. Dependable, small, just works.

I bring Goal Zero Yeti 200X with me on day trips, camping trips, basically anywhere I know I’ll be gone for most of the day or longer. I’m a professional photographer and I take frequent camping trips and shoot weddings and need batteries charged many times over a few days. This thing is an absolute unit. I can charge my DSLR batteries like a dozen times on this thing no problem. I hosted a landscape photography workshop over 4 days and it still had about 10% battery life left after my half-dozen attendees and I charged batteries and phones on it continuously. I was nothing short of impressed. It now sits on my gear shelf plugged in waiting for trips; and on trips I don’t take it on, I’ll leave my dslr battery charger in that to charge those up simply so I don’t have to bend down to get at my outlets.

It’s a great product made by a seemingly great company. I’m already looking for excuses why I need a bigger one.

3. Great for car camping – Goal Zero Yeti 200X

Works just as I hoped it would. Spent a weekend car/tent camping and this little gem kept two iPads fully charged as well as two phones. Also used it recharge a couple of camping lights. Pay attention to the specs. If you want one to run high consumption devices like a coffee pot, this is not for you. Look at other goal zero power packs. But if you want to use it as intended, Goal Zero Yeti 200X will not disappoint.

4. Just Right – Goal Zero Yeti 200X

We purchased the Goal Zero Yeti 200X Lithium Portable Power Station to use for charging our various devices and providing reliable USB power to lights during power outages. It is exactly what we envisioned. It’s very well made and I keep it and its parts and pieces, i.e. cord, car cord, and USB lights, in an ammo box. Now I wish I knew more about using it with solar charging panels.

5. So good, I got if for my Dad too

I have mine hooked up to a 175 watt solar panel, charging all day, and keeping my mobile A/C refrigerator going, as well as charging my iPhone, watch, and earbuds, as well as battery banks for hiking, and my iPads.

When I get up in the morning it’s generally down to 30% or less, but by noon it’s up to 100% and keeps everything going! In fact, I was so impressed with it, I got one for my dad. He works overnight security in his car, and I eventually got him the a/c charger for his car. He says it keeps his devices going; but the bank will run down after about 6 hours when he also has his electric blanket plugged in. But it gives him the extra warmth on his long shifts on cold nights in his car, and for that I’m delighted to have made sure he has one of these as well.

In fact, I’m so impressed with Goal Zero that I’m thinking of upgrading both our batteries to the 500 lithium model.

6. Convenient – Goal Zero Yeti 200X

Works well. Using a Boulder 50W panel to charge. Have the boys charging their devices on it, including laptops. USB and AC work great. Can see a statistically significant change in daily energy usage already.

7. Li battery & 120W charger for UPS at office

Actually I’m using Goal Zero Yeti 200X as a ups with a 120 watt charger & a surge protector. So far (2 months) so good. It gives me 2-4 hours of power to a NUC & 27” monitor after a power failure to complete any “office” work.

8. Great product and price.

This is awesome. Just what I wanted. I am not sure it will charge a phone as many times as they say but it will do a lot. I bought this with the solar panel and did a test on a overcast day and took battery from 79% to 100% in less than 5 hours. Again it was overcast. You can feel the quality in fit and finish. I will be buying these for my family.

9. I am very happy with the Goal Zero Yeti 200X

Charges quickly with my boulder 100 solar panel. I am surprised that I get a little bit of charge on cloudy days. Full sun provides consistent power to the yeti. It is light weight and is great for trips and charging small devices around the home. I charge multiple phones, iPads laptop, razor, toothbrush, power banks, Bluetooth speaker,etc.

10. CPAP Backup power and camping

Purchased Goal Zero Yeti 200X as a battery backup for my CPAP and also as a lightweight power unit for camping. First of all, this unit is MUCH lighter than some of the alternatives I’ve tried; about 5lbs vs. the 21lbs monster Duracell Powerpack Pro 1300. Second, it charges much faster than any of my units (i.e. Anker, Duracell, etc.); I’d say about 3-4 hours for full charge vs. about 6-7 Duracell and probably 9-10 for my two different Anker models. Third, and this really only applies to my CPAP – with the assumption you’ve turned off humidifier, temperature and atmosphere controls – i get about 20 hours out of this vs. about 14 from my Duracell.

If you plan to use this for a CPAP, I would HIGHLY recommend the 12v DC cigarette outlet car adapter power source, which you can purchase on Amazon for about $32 at the time of this post. My unit seems to run more efficiently on it.

Overall, I would say the effectiveness of this unit probably has to do with what you’re running off it. I’m surprised by other reviews saying their laptops or tablets are draining this thing in a couple hours. Bummer. With the DC converter, I’m getting two solid nights of sleep with this unit, maybe more if I don’t sleep in!

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