Jackery Solar Generator 1000


Easy to use






Battery life


Light weight



  • Includes multiple ports for wide compatibility
  • Easy to set up with included accessories
  • Quiet and clean operation
  • Features one-button design for convenient use
  • Can easily power large appliances
  • Excellent battery management system
  • Excellent customer service and warranty


  • Not fully weatherproof
  • Can be heavy to carry around

Jackery 1000 solar generators comprise portable power stations and solar panels. These appliances capture solar energy and store it for future use. Not just for camping and adventures but these generators prove worthwhile for home as backup sources of energy. The entire operation of jackery 1000 solar generator is clean and quiet. This means that there will be no emissions of gasoline or toxic fumes. With the compact, lightweight design, it feels effortless to carry around anywhere you go. The reliable battery management system and emission-free energy source make this jackery 1000 solar generators safe even indoors. The purpose of the following jackery 1000 solar generator review is to streamline your hassles while purchasing.

Jackery 1000 Solar Generator

Jackery Solar Generator 1000

The jackery 1000 solar generator is paired with two 100W SolarSaga solar panels in this set. The purpose behind the inclusion of two solar panels is to receive more solar energy and ultimately convert it into useful power. So, you can explore solar power at the best wherever you are. Charging three devices simultaneously is possible because three 110V/1000W AC outlets are available.

No noise is produced throughout the operation. So, this set serves as a green and sustainable solution. The 1000W power output seems enough to charge most of your frequently used devices. This is why this product is considered one of the best jackery solar generator for outdoor camping. The accessories packed in are an AC adapter, a car charger cable, a SolarSaga parallel adapter, and 2 user manuals.

Key Features

  • The massive capacity of 1002Wh and 1000W power wattage can power your TV, full-size refrigerator, mini cooler, electric grill, etc.
  • The 3 pure sine wave AC outlets provide additional capacity to defend ad power more AC devices.
  • Pass-through charging is supported.

Final Thoughts

Based on this jackery 1000 solar generator review, it is straightforward to filter out the choices from the market and pick the most suitable solar generator. Jackery 1000 solar generators are low-cost appliances that harness solar energy for free and without maintenance. They aid you to keep all your devices charged without any safety concerns. Furthermore, they work as versatile power sources because they can charge varied types of devices.

Top 8 Jackery 1000 Solar Generator Reviews

1. Jackery 1000 solar generator is in charge.

After researching every option, manufactures as well as reading reviews and watching videos we purchased the Jackery 1000 power station and two Jackery 100 watt solar panels. I wanted to have a solar unit on our camping trips as well as for possible emergencies at home as a quiet and reliable back up to our gas generator. The Jackery arrived with a 39% charge out of the box. I read the directions and set up the panels on my balcony facing the sun the next morning. It is a very easy set-up. I turned the panels as the sun moved across the sky to optimize the rays hitting the surface of the panels as directly as possible about every 15-20 minutes. We’re in Southern California and it was a clear December day. With both panels connected I was pulling in about 135 watts to the Jackery. By early evening, an hour before sunset the J1000 was fully charged. My only rub is for $1600 + dollars you would think Jackery would throw in a carrying case for the station… You have to order it separate. A cooler bag will work fine for much less. Also, the panels do not have a carrying case. They have no protection when on the move. I purchased a artists canvas portfolio bag. Keep the cardboard box the panels came in put it in the portfolio, and voila! A protective carrying case for the panels. I’m going to get an additional Jackery 1000 to use while one is charging as a backup while running our 12V fridge. The Jackery seems to be the best option until new technology arrives.

Update, 6 months later: Upon using the jackery 1000 solar generator to run our 53qt. 12V camping refrigerator/freezer the results are in. We started with a full 100% charge on the J1000. The refrigerator compressor fired right up and began cooling. After 24 hours the reading on the J1000 was 80% charge. Periodically I opened the fridge to check and simulate actual use. After 48 hours it was at 40% with, of course, 20% power remaining. This means mathematically we can run the fridge approximately 60 hours on the J1000 without recharging on one power station. Excellent. I have purchased another J1000 as a back up while the other is charging. That should easily give us 4-5 days without even recharging. If you are considering a solar power unit, I don’t believe you’ll go wrong with the Jackery line. I’m very picky and critical of commercial products and have surprisingly pleased, so far, with Jackery. BTW, Most important, their customer service is second to none, having contacted them with questions and experiencing quick responses.

2. Day 2 and still impressing

I happened on the smaller model as I’m a full time RV’er. Showed it to my son after some research he upped me to the 1000. Day 1 I ran my single serve coffee, high watts 800 while heating the water but you don’t use all day so that short burst only took me down to 96% Charged all of my electronics, laptop phone etc. Ran my desktop computer and TV for a couple of hours, then the TV and dvd player for several hours more in the evening. Brought it down to 55% then in the morning another cup of coffee. Went out about 6:30 and set up both panels 2:30 100% again! I have to add I live in the deserst so lots of sun. A week ago before I got this it was cold and windy for 2 days and I ran my generator about 6 hours each day. Cost me almost half of a tank of gas. Now I can do most everything but the heater and it costs nothing (bought a propane heater) problem solved. This is going to give me the freedom to travel more as now I save gas no generator. FYI I’m handicapped and its light and easy for me to manage so 2 thumbs up! Only ding, I wish the cables to the solor panels were longer. My son set the unit up on a shelf in my RV to make plugging things in easy for me, I’m able to place panels outside easy enough but as the sun moves and shadows fall I have to keep moving panels and a bit longer cord would have allowed me to lay them flat in one space all day.

3. Jackerys vs Generators

Just started using solar for the first time 3 months ago and bought the 500 & solar panel package. All my power needs are to be a easy carryall portable system so the light weight and foldable solar panels fit that need perfectly. A solar system only takes 1/4th the storage area vs a gas gen & gas can which is a huge benefit when camping out of a conversion van. The 500 is all the power I really need for my weekend outings, but now spoiled on the size, weight, and virtually no maintenance that comes with going solar vs gas generators. I sold my Honda 2000w portable gas generator and bought this jackery 1000 solar generator & duel solar panel package for home use power outages backup system as well as getting power to my upper backyard gazebo in pic. And keeping my small 1000w gas gen just in case I need to charge the Jackerys in a power outage on the few cloudy days we have here in Southern California.

4. Best Portable Solar Generator On The Market!

 I live in South Florida where having backup emergency power is a necessity. I did my research and decided to buy the jackery 1000 solar generator along with the solar panels, carrying case, solar panel extension cables which allows me to move the solar panels wherever I want and the car jumper cable accessory. This generator is top quality! It is commercial grade, and built to last. The unit itself is very easy to carry due to its light weight and easy to carry handle. This generator gets the job done! It has tremendous capacity, you dont need to worry about noise and you can use it anywhere, anytime you need power. I did my research and by far the Jackery is not only the best, for the money you will not be disappointed in any way!

5. The Power is yours.

I have used the jackery 1000 solar generator for about 1 year now more then once, we keep it in our spare room office, when the power goes out weather local or the whole town, it is only a few minutes until I’m watching a dvd or plugging in the coffee maker refrigerator or toaster, if the sun is out I have plugged in 2 solar panels ran a few extension cords to a power strip. and if its a late night outage I have plugged in our monitor diesel heater that is low voltage and stayed warm throughout the night. a great tool to have ready for bugging out or camping I have a 3 jack 12 volt attached to mine to allow 2 12 volt blankets to be used at the same time when camping or for exstened power outages. we live in an older home that is lacking a few outlets I have more then a few times plugged in computer or I pads while sitting at table or couch to use while charging and the wife is always doing the same thing, I can’t imagine not having one, with our propane generator and a jackery 2 solar panels life will be a lot better.

6. Feature packed. Plenty of options.

This jackery 1000 solar generator has a lot of options. I really appreciate the fact that I can charge this battery system from the cigarette lighter/12v plug, from my A/C plug in the bed of my Tacoma, from the A/C of my house, or solar panels.

Consider how much more efficient this is as opposed to a standard gas generator; plus no noise! Also consider, as I did, the fact that you can use this when there’s a power outage and you need to keep a fridge going for a night or 2. I can keep this ready for any emergency but also use it in the mean time to charge my phones and iPad. I also use it for my 12v electric blanket, my portable fridge/freezer, my GPS, and my 12v heater when car camping or overlanding. This thing is versatile!

7. Great success. Very happy. Exceeds expectations.

The jackery 1000 solar generator is better than I imagined . It even runs a pizza oven at approximately 1300 watts draw flawlessly . Also a water kettle that runs in a range of 989- 1250! No problem. I tested a whole array of electrical equipment. Heaters at low work well. Enough heat and blow to be worthwhile . Max level of 1500 shuts down after a few seconds .

A ceramic induction hot plate . Does not work on most settings BUT on heat milk setting will boil a pot of water in three minutes. I bought a 870 watts wok type cook pan – no probs! Toaster two slice no issues.

At home or at the office if a power outage arises, the Jackery 1000 will support lights, and some equipment for a reasonable period of time with no noise and no fumes. It can be used while in charge mode and show watts in and watts out on the meter. Apparently the parallel in/ out use is hard on the unit and may cause wear and tear on the battery and possibly reduced lifetime potential . Time will tell . This jackery 1000 solar generator is well engineered and good value.

8. Just AWESOME!

We absolutely love our Jackery Explorer 1000! We moved out to the country this past December and had heard that the power goes out a bit more regularly here, some times for an extended period of time, and that most people have gas generators. We didn’t like the idea of a gas generator, for the obvious reasons along with the possibility of running out of gas. Which now could be a very real concern, as we’ve recently seen in parts of the US… We were so happy to find Jackery! We bought the Jackery Explorer 1000 with the solar panels and carry case, and love that not only can we charge the power station by a wall plug, but also by our car and of course the best part, by using the solar panels! With the solar option, we will always be able to recharge our power station!

When we first got our jackery 1000 solar generator we fully charged it using the wall plug, so it would be ready to go if we needed it. Well, about a month ago our power did go out, it was the first time ever that I did not worry about it at all. The power was out for about 8 hours and we used the Jackery to cycle on our refrigerator several times to keep it cold. It worked awesomely, our fridge stayed cold and we did not lose one bit of food. And we only used 5% of the battery life! AMAZING!!! When the power came back on, we plugged it in to get back to a 100% full charge and popped it back in the closet for next time. I just took it out of the closet to snap a photo and it is still holding 100% charge! Best purchase for peace of mind that we ever spent money on!

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