Jackery Explorer 1500




Charging power




Noise level



  • Easy to operate with a one-button design
  • Suitable for multi-powering various devices at once
  • Includes 7 power lanes
  • The display is smart and easy-to-read
  • Allows power level status monitoring in real-time


  • Slow charging and may not work with some solar panels

Prevalent since 2012 in the industry, Jackery holds expertise in delivering outdoor green power solutions for explorers. One of the most useful types of products from this brand is portable power stations. Jackery explorer 1500 portable power stations are rechargeable battery-powered generators. Incorporated with the DC car port, AC outlet, and USB charging ports, these portable power stations keep all your devices charged. You can charge your devices like laptops, smartphones, CPAP machines, electric grills, coffee makers, mini coolers, etc.

Prominent benefits of using Jackery explorer 1500 portable power station include safety, rechargeable, ease of use, quiet operation, and zero maintenance cost. Throughout the operation, the portable power station don’t make pollution. Now let’s get deep into the following Jackery explorer 1500 portable power station review to make a judicious decision about portable power station.

Jackery Explorer 1500 Portable Power Station

Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 1500

This Jackery explorer 1500 portable power station serves as an efficient and easy-to-use approach for charging on the go. Owing to its powerful 1534Wh Lithium battery, it can efficiently charge your different electronic devices. Not just for camping or outdoor activities, it also comes in handy during emergencies. It can work with 1800W AC outlets for efficient charging of your devices.

The usefulness of this power station is not just limited to small electronic devices. You can use it to charge power tools and bigger appliances like refrigerators, electric microwave ovens, air conditioners, etc. It is possible to power nearly all types of AC-powered appliances with this power station. The ability to charge contemporary devices makes it renowned in the market.

What makes it so exceptional is it can monitor battery power in real-time. This is achieved through its upgraded monitor that supports a real-time battery power monitoring system. This system keeps track of the power level status. Lightweight design and robust handles are the key benefits contributing to portability. For those people who need to frequently use a power station at different places, this Jackery explorer 1500 is a decent choice.

Its interface is simplified with the one-button design. Choose the required setting on the go with this design. The color status display features bright colors for ease of reading. It is essentially a smart LCD screen with great visibility. It is quite informative and boats an intuitive interface. Compared to display screens found in other power stations, this one is quite functional. The box contains a car charger, an AC cable, 2 solar panel parallel adapters, and a user manual.

Key Features

  • Two mechanisms it can be used are –three 110V/1800W AC outlets or solar mobile charging.
  • 3 AC outlets as mentioned above provide relief during a power outage.
  • With the 4 Solarsaga 100 solar panels, the implemented Solarpeak Technology will increase recharging efficiency by 30%.
  • When used as a solar generator, the unit provides constant solar power in your home or outdoor places.
  • Battery Management System promises the battery’s safety level and also optimizes its performance.
  • At once, this power station can power 7 devices simultaneously.

Final Thoughts

From this Jackery explorer 1500 portable power station review, it is now easy to get the portable power station from this renowned brand. Jackery explorer 1500 power stations are reliable enough to efficiently charge your electronic devices. With multiple ways of charging, they provide you flexibility on the go. Despite packing in a massive power, they are lightweight and portable.

Top 10 Jackery Explorer 1500 Portable Power Station Reviews

1. Jackery explorer 1500 sheep approved

I have to say I am very impressed with this Jackery explorer 1500 portable power station so far. I had the older Explorer 500 powering lights in our sheep barn for over a year in the heat, dust, and Florida humidity with no problems what so ever. When the E1500 came out I knew from past experience with Jackery it will be well built and a great replacement for the E500. I’ve now added a ceiling fan that runs all day. We had a shearer come out Thurs. to shear our sheep. I had 85watts of led lights going, his shears at 145watts and at times a hot plate to heat water at 1025watts totaling 1255watts at times. Everything worked as it should. The shearer was pretty impressed and intrigued with the setup as well. Right now I have two 100w solar panels on the roof and will be adding 4 more to make a total of 600w. I couldn’t be happier with it.

2. Even More Jackery Goodness!

I previously owned the Jackery 1000 and just purchased this Jackery explorer 1500 portable power station knowing of the brand’s great reputation.

The unit is awesome! Lots of power, yet it is not too heavy to easily carry. It will run my LED’s, Signal Booster and large TV for an entire evening and then some. The new LCD screen readout is very slick and I really like how it shows how long you have left to charge it and how much runtime is left. The only disappointment was that it only comes with the one power supply for charging when it supports 2 for rapid charging. Not a big deal breaker though as you are still getting a fantastic unit for the typical dollar per watt hour price. I can definitely recommend this Jackery explorer 1500 portable power station as well.

3. Best portable power station for camping

Just the right features for a great camping experience. Light enough (32lbs) to carry around. Good combination of USB C PD (60 watts), car port (12V, 10 amp), and 110v ports. 300 watts fast charger is fantastic, and lets me charge the SoGen in my Van’s 110v-400w outlet, without requiring solar panels. An equivalent Goal Zero configuration with in-vehicle fast charge capability will cost $2400 ($2000 for Yeti 1500X + $400 for Yeti Link DC fast charger, when it becomes available again). Fan is noisy, but can live with it, if that helps improves battery life. LED display is beautiful. Additional USB C ports will be helpful for future versions.

4. Emergency Backup Power

I bought the Jackery explorer 1500 portable power station for backup power during power outages. Many of our power outages last less than 12 hours, so it’s really convenient to just pull out the Jackery and plug in my key electronics including my internet modem/router, POE security cameras, and computer equipment as well as a full size refrigerator (for up to 10-12 hours). This is especially important when working from home and need to be able to quickly get everything up and running. Just make sure you have a few good quality extension cords to plug in your equipment if your equipment is in different parts of your home.  

For added protection, I also recommend putting your key electronics on a good UPS battery backup.  When the power goes out, the UPS kicks on and powers the electronics long enough to pull the Jackery out and plug everything in with extension cords.

It’s even a great compliment to a small gas portable generator (inverter type recommended)for longer power outages. I am able to run my gas generator during the day to power my equipment while also re-charging the Jackery. I then use the Jackery overnight while sleeping.  No need to worry about excessive noise overnight and it gives the generator a much needed break.

I also have 2 solar panels that I connect to the Jackery to recharge, but these are more of a backup for my gas generator. I would recommend 4 solar panels if not using a gas generator to fully recharge the Jackery during the day.

I highly recommend the Jackery 1500 for those looking for backup power during emergencies. The added bonus is that it can also be used for camping, tailgating, and many other outdoor events. It’s light enough to carry around for supplemental power unlike some of its competitors, but powerful enough to use for heavier loads.

5. Awesome alternative to gas-powered generator for many applications

I’ve been meaning to write this review for a week or two, but Jackery’s offer to possibly gift me a Jackery 300 elevated this task on my to-do list. End disclaimer. After a month of use, I’m really glad I got the Jackery 1500. So far, it charges quickly and quietly, gives accurate readouts of output wattage and decent estimates of remaining battery life under constant load. I’ve not put any larger loads on it like a home refrigerator, only a smaller mission-critical load like all of my home networking equipment (security gateway, switch, WiFi, ISP modem, home security alarm, etc). That load was small enough that Jackery explorer 1500 portable power station could keep it up for over 20 hours, and just big enough that the 1500 does not auto-shutoff due to insufficient load. But this use case highlights a limitation, namely that such a very small load is not an efficient use of battery capacity. The 1500’s internal fan turns on periodically (to cool the circuitry), which obviously uses up some battery capacity. Maybe also some other power consumption in there or other low-load inefficiency. Anyway, it is doing what I need it for and gave me peace of mind that my child’s online school was not disrupted by a number of planned power outages at my house. Next I will stress test on some higher loads where I expect it will deliver more of its “marketing” capacity. Anyway, way easier and quieter and less maintenance than my Honda gas generator.

6. Powerful and Quiet

I love my Jackery explorer 1500 portable power station. It is a portable powerhouse beast! It has been great for the work I do as a freelance network cameraman. We all have small portable generators to power our lights and accessories but since I’ve acquired my Jackery from Amazon, I’ve been the envy of others. The Jackery E1500 is smaller and lighter than my generator and the best part is, I don’t have to worry about gas. Actually, the best part may be that it’s completely silent. No more annoying generator hum throughout the day. No more dragging the generator and extension cords 50 feet away so the noise doesn’t interfere with our live shots. The Jackery as you can see in the pics, is right beside our setups. I can conservatively use my Jackery all day (12 hours+) powering the lights and accessories I use for live shots and outdoor interviews. It is a perfect addition for my profession.

7. Beast

Nothing negative to say about the 1500 outside of it being *almost* to clunky and heavy to carry with the handle; kind of like a 30lb electric kettle bell. If you’re older or don’t have the best arm/core strength, this unit may be difficult to move around at times. Another possible downside (not for me) is the need to go all in with Jackery if you want to solar charge, as it needs Jackery panels (which are also great my 3 100watt panels charge the 1500 in about 7 hours in direct sunlight).

Technical performance has been strong. This is a emergency home power source for me + solar power rig for my greenworks lawn tools to make my lawn care 100% grid free and green. I ran my double sided Kenmore fridge for 18 hours on a full charge and my chest freezer went 21 hours. I’m charging all 6 of my 4amh tool batteries with this weekly and still have enough juice to charge small electronics/phones all week before needing to charge it over the weekend. The display is great and easy to understand even for a novice like myself and the cording for charging sources requires zero instructions to figure out. It’s quite and all around great.

Won’t be a whole home emergency/back up system, but can certainly keep essentials running in a grid failure.

8. Power supply most valuable

The generator lives up to all expectations. I ended up buying these for my kids. They recharge quickly with the solar panels and from the wall. I can take this power anywhere. Patio use, picnic use, and at the grandchildren’s sports events. Great to have power for fans under the awning here in Texas. Great to have the portable fridge keeping the drinks and snacks cold. I have 3 for myself in case of hard power failure and purchased several for my kids.

9. A true beast runs full size fridge

This thing is a true beast and it is the real deal. I bought this for emergency preparations for Hurricanes and extended power outages. This is a great solution to supplement with a gas generator or for short periods of power outages. My plan is to run the gas generator during the day and at night to sleep run the Jackery. This way I extend my gas supply and can sleep easier at night without having to wake up and check on the gas generator or put more gas or worry about thieves and can just have my necessities continue running on the Jackery. It is extremely portable although you do not want to move it around for long distances because you do feel the 35 lbs. Very strong and sturdy look and feel to the unit. Since I bought this for emergencies I quickly put real world live tests to it to see how it would up and for how long. My main concern and reason for buying this was for my full size fridge, couple fans, couple lights. So I tested with my full size fridge and a large fan overnight. The Jackery 1500 passed with flying colors. In the morning when I woke up it had been running for 8 hours and 10 minutes and it still had 17% battery left and stated 1 hour run time left. This fit my needs perfectly and what I wanted to accomplish. Keep in mind that it may not have lasted that long if the test would have been during the day time and with opening the fridge more consistently. But since I plan to use it at night to go to sleep it passed my test and needs. Obviously every situation could be different depending on size and power needs of the fridge but here are my full fridge power specs: 747 watts during the start up that would only last seconds, on idle watts was very low from about 40 watts down to even zero at times, when ice maker kicks on about 150 watts then drops back to idle, each time fridge door opens about 100 watts then falls back to idle when closed. So obviously me testing at night brought down all the times that the door would be opened thus reducing any temporary power pulls and helped extend the run time.

10. Great Customer Service.

I never write reviews, so here goes. Back in October 2021, I purchased the Jackery Explorer 1500 from Amazon. I received it within 4 days of my ordering it. I thought that was great. Which it was. But the best part of my buying experience was with customer service. I would text them. They would get back to me within a few minutes to at the most 15 minutes. I had a question about charging adaptors. They quickly answered me back, and within 5 business days I had them in my hands. With no charge. What a great customer service experience I received. Approximately 1-2 weeks later I contacted Jackery again. This time it was regarding a second charger. They said that they would send one out right away. I received it within 4 business days. Unfortunately I received it in damaged condition. I again reached out to Jackery. Told them my issue. And again Jackery went above and beyond, and sent me another charger. When I received the charger today, I knew I had to let others know about my own experience with Jackery. I hope this helps in making up your mind, if you’re on the fence about purchasing a unit. I highly recommend Jackery. Great customer service and a great Solar Charger.

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