Prevalent since 2012 in the industry, Jackery holds expertise in delivering outdoor green power solutions for explorers. One of the most useful types of products from this brand is portable power stations. Jackery explorer 500 portable power stations are rechargeable battery-powered generators. Incorporated with the DC car port, AC outlet, and USB charging ports, these portable power stations keep all your devices charged. You can charge your devices like laptops, smartphones, CPAP machines, electric grills, coffee makers, mini coolers, etc.

Prominent benefits of using Jackery explorer 500 portable power station include safety, rechargeable, ease of use, quiet operation, and zero maintenance cost. Throughout the operation, the portable power station don’t make pollution. Now let’s get deep into the following Jackery explorer 500 portable power station review to make a judicious decision about portable power station.

Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station

Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 500

With the 518Wh battery capacity, this Jackery explorer power station is efficient enough to power several appliances. You can charge devices like a cooling fan, a mini-fridge, an air pump, a TV, etc. Whether you are out for an outdoor adventure or a road trip or camping or simply traveling in a car, this 500w portable power station will prove to be a practical solution.

If you don’t want to use its 110V/500W AC outlet, you can use its solar panel. So, this equipment can work as a solar generator. For that, you can pair this Jackery explorer 500 portable power station with the SolarSaga 100 Solar Panel to obtain a constant power supply directly from the sunlight.  No need for a charge controller on the panel.

To make sure the generated power lasts long, this equipment is constructed with an efficient lithium-ion battery pack. The battery power lasts long for each of your outdoor adventures. The entire body of this explorer 500 portable power station is made rugged yet compact for portability. The exterior has no extra embellishments, so no worries about breaking off or catching nearby objects. Accessories in the pack are a car charger cable, an AC adapter, and a user manual.

Key Features

  • The pure sine wave inverter presents a clean AC supply at 110V, 60 Hz.
  • With the AC wall charger, the unit charges within 8 hours. When a 100W solar panel, the unit gets charged in 12 hours.
  • A 110V/500W AC outlet is included for charging.
  • Pass-through charging is supported.
  • Names of ports available are a car port, an AC outlet (110V/500W 1000W peak), 2 DC ports, and 3 USB-A ports.
  • Battery Management System controls every individual cell to enhance the battery life cycle when being pass-through charged.
  • It is easy to carry this power station with a solid handle. So, it is a reliable choice for a road trips, camping, and home backup.
  • Protection features available are over-current, short-current, over-charge, over-discharge, over-voltage, and thermal protection.

Pros And Cons

  • The design is rugged yet appealing
  • Can power ma different types of appliances
  • Includes efficient lithium-ion battery
  • Easy to carry with a solid handle
  • No wastage of power
  • The item is not allowed to be returned, only replacement

Final Thoughts

From this Jackery explorer 500 portable power station review, it is now easy to get the portable power station from this renowned brand. Jackery explorer 500 power stations are reliable enough to efficiently charge your electronic devices. With multiple ways of charging, they provide you flexibility on the go. Despite packing in a massive power, they are lightweight and portable.