Are you on the lookout for Seasonic M12-II EVO 520W power supply? Founded more than decades back, Seasonic is a reliable name in the market. Its key motive is to supply power to the whole system. This entails processors, motherboard, hard drives, and graphics card. Seasonic presents a long list of various power supplies, all with different features, ideal use cases, and at different prices. Although power supply may not be the thrilling component, essentially it is the most crucial one. Once you hook the PC power supply to a wall socket, it distributes power to the remainder of your computer. For the same, it needs different power cables and connectors. From dozens of power supplies in the market, the following Seasonic M12-II EVO 520W power supply review lets you make an informed buying decision.

Seasonic M12-II EVO 520W Power Supply

Seasonic M12-II EVO 520W Bronze Power Supply

Are you looking for a more efficient conversion power supply that makes electricity into useful power? If the answer is yes then the M12-II EVO 520W power supply is an appropriate option for you. It is equipped with the 80 PLUS Bronze certification which depicts that a huge percentage of electricity is transformed into power. So, there will be reduced heat generation and more savings on the electricity bill.

The Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) fans are high-performance fans that are exceptionally designed to take benefit of the impact absorbance effects of oil. Moreover, they are quite reliable and produce significantly less operating noise and heat compared to ball-bearing fans.

The lubrication present in the bearing surface of the fan decreases vibration and friction. This is why the total power consumption stays in control. Owing to the robust construction and quiet rotation, the fan technology prominently enhances the lifetime of the fan. Besides, the Fluid Dynamic Fan guarantees low noise, steady performance, and long life expectancy.

Key Features

  • The 80 PLUS Bronze certification assures efficiencies higher than 82%, 85%, and 82% at 20 %, 50 %, and 100 % operating loads, respectively.
  • The Model Double forward converter design guarantees reliability, efficiency, and enhanced output accuracy.
  • The strict voltage regulation on + 12 V outputs promises current stability and also protects the system components.
  • The cutting-edge 105°C aluminum solid capacitors come with a high-temperature rating and ultra-low resistance.
  • Smart and Silent Fan Control [S2FC] maintains an optimal balance between quietness and cooling.
  • Power distortion and line noise are reduced with the Active Power Factor Correction [99 % PF].
  • The support for the universal AC input makes sure this power supply can be used in any part of the world.
  • Due to the honeycomb structure, the airflow is excellent and noise levels stay in control.

Pros And Cons

  • All wires are protected with nylon sleeves
  • Quiet operation
  • The cables are flexible for easy cable management
  • Low power consumption
  • Great power efficiency even under large load
  • The fan occasionally stops after a few uses

Final Thoughts

Seasonic has been a prominent name on the power supply market for several years. The above Seasonic M12-II EVO 520W power supply review highlights that the Seasonic M12-II EVO 520W power supplies are economical and also guarantees outstanding performance. They operate consistently to provide constant power to your PC system. What’s more, them are equipped with an efficient fan system for cooling.

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