Seasonic PRIME 1000W Platinum SSR-1000PD


For gaming


Quality of material


Noise level


Energy efficiency


Easy to install


Value for money



  • Supports ripple suppression
  • Excellent load regulation
  • Delivers accurate power to avoid energy waste
  • Relaxed fan profiles
  • Nice transient response


  • The cables are short

Are you on the lookout for Seasonic Prime Platinum 1000W power supply? Founded more than decades back, Seasonic is a reliable name in the market. Its key motive is to supply power to the whole system. This entails processors, motherboard, hard drives, and graphics card. Seasonic presents a long list of various power supplies, all with different features, ideal use cases, and at different prices. Although power supply may not be the thrilling component, essentially it is the most crucial one. Once you hook the PC power supply to a wall socket, it distributes power to the remainder of your computer. For the same, it needs different power cables and connectors. From dozens of power supplies in the market, the following Seasonic Prime Platinum 1000W power supply review lets you make an informed buying decision.

Seasonic PRIME Platinum 1000W Power Supply

Seasonic PRIME Platinum 1000W Power Supply

If you are looking for the best performing PSU from Seasonic power supply then this Prime Platinum 1000W power supply can be considered. It comes with a 1kW capacity that seems adequate to power any power-hungry device. The absence of in-cable caps makes the power cables simpler to work with. It’s two of the SATA connectors are SATA 3.3-compatible. It means that they support the Power Disable function. Moreover, a tester is available for jump-starting the PSU, no need for a motherboard.

Key Features

  • The 80 Plus Platinum standard makes sure this PSU offers 90% efficiency at 20% load, 92% efficiency at 50% load, and 89% efficiency at 100% load.
  • The micro tolerance load regulation is 0.5%. It promises excellent stability and electrical performance.
  • The ‘full modular’ feature suggests that the PSU only uses the cables required to decrease the clutter. Also, it ensures proper airflow to keep your PC system ventilated.
  • The fan noise is easy to control with the premium hybrid fan control.

Final Thoughts

Seasonic has been a prominent name on the power supply market for several years. The above review highlights that the Seasonic Prime Platinum 1000W power supplies are economical and also guarantees outstanding performance. They operate consistently to provide constant power to your PC system. What’s more, them are equipped with an efficient fan system for cooling.

Top 10 Seasonic Prime Platinum 1000W Power Supply Reviews

1. A reliable Seasonic Prime Platinum 1000W PSU which is more than capable

This Seasonic Prime Platinum 1000W PSU was purchased after performing thorough online research through all of the most respectable computer building websites:,, and All roads seemed to lead to one–Seasonic. It has been a reputable name brand in the power supply game for more than a decade now. The units are especially notorious for their longevity and stability.

At first, I was going to use a budget PSU option by going with a semi-modular Corsair. After more research, getting the more efficient PSU will save me more money in the long-run, especially in high tax states (such as California). Especially nice since the unit comes equipped with an industry-leading 12-year warranty. It was a good choice going fully-modular. The kit includes more than enough cables for the future (if I decide to SLI my GPU’s, etc.). The reviews stated that modular also is easy to troubleshoot by replacing a single faulty cable, instead of having to replace the whole unit. All of my previous PSU’s were fully-modular, and I have grown accustomed to flexibility in my rig building. The instructions were easy to read and provided some useful information which I hadn’t known about, before (like using two GPU cable to supply power to gfx cards which use over 225W). Overall, I am comfortable with my purchase as this is a trusted power supply and a high enough wattage to where I will be transitioning it to newer computer builds until it completely bites the dust.

2. best PSU ever.

if you need a dependable power supply for your new build, this is it. everything worked amazing and with plenty of power for future upgrades if you need. silent- even with fan on, and 0dB with smart fan ON. if you need custom cables for this Seasonic Prime Platinum 1000W psu then CableMod are the only ones compatible! it comes with everything you need for a successful build including a nifty tester which was awesome! you can use this psu in 0dB fan mode with fan facing up, or facing to bottom of case as long as you have an air intake at bottom along with a dust filter. it is recommended if you point the fan to bottom to always spin the fan, although you can still use 0dB mode. fan facing up allows natural heat dissipation so no issue with 0dB fan pointing up. this unit powers a 12900k + gtx 3080 with no issue.

3. Powerful, simple

Depending on your case, it takes up to 4 screws to install this Seasonic Prime Platinum 1000W power supply. Running the cables is simple and easy. The modular cables could be nicer, but third party companies offer good alternatives. Realistically speaking, I would say that it should take ~30 minutes to fully install this power supply.

4. Some Confusion Regarding the Aesthetic on an Otherwise Fantastic Unit

If you are wondering whether or not the 1000 Watt PSU has the silver top on it, the answer is YES. After spending a couple of hours trying to understand the different listings for the “PX-1000” and the “SSR-1000PD” I have finally found some semblance of understanding, this should NOT have been as difficult as it was, Seasonic needs to fix their listings because the current state of affairs is just ridiculous. It would have been nice if this info was available anywhere on Amazon or at least on Seasonic’s website. The SSR-1000PD I received DID have a silver top on it.

Now that is out of the way, the Seasonic Prime Platinum 1000W itself is fantastic, it is very quiet and works flawlessly on my 5950X and RTX 3080 setup. I was actually fairly impressed with the build quality, compared to my old EVGA G2 it actually seems lightyears ahead, and you just can’t beat a 12 year warranty, this thing really does feel like it could outlive any computer you put it in. I have not had it long so I can’t speak about longevity, but I will update this review if it ever causes me trouble, I do not expect it to, Seasonic makes some pretty good stuff.

Overall I wouldn’t say that this PSU is necessarily for everyone, you can definitely get by on cheaper units in the 80+ Gold category that are close to half the price, and for your average gamer that is probably what you should do, but if you want a very high quality unit that is basically the Cadillac of PSUs then this is more than likely what you are looking for.

5. Excellent Seasonic Prime Platinum 1000W PSU!

The power supply with the fan stopped is slightly noisy! Advantages:

  • High efficiency (platinum), pay less for electricity.
  • High-quality component base
  • 12 year warranty!
  • Does not heat up

6. Must use all the cables provided

Seasonic has a great reputation for building high quality PSU’s (I think from 1975) so I decided to upgraded my PSU to this Seasonic Prime Platinum 1000W. Works great with my new build that sucks a lot of power (I9Xcpu, x299MB, 2080ti gpu). When I first installed it did not turn on. Turns out one of the cables from my ssd drive were not compatible with the PSU even though the cable was new. I then switched it with the cable provided by Seasonic and it booted up. Sometimes we overlook the obvious and get lazy by not using the cables provided which could fry the components.

7. Excellent PSU, excellent quality, nice cables!

I’ve had an EVGA PSU for years now and it was a great PSU. It finally died and I started looking for a new one. As much as I liked my EVGA PSU it didn’t have enough wattage to continue powering the enthusiast level hardware I keep upgrading to, and since they can last 10 years or maybe more thanks to a good PSU’s warranty, I wanted to upgrade to something that should be more than enough for the foreseeable future.

I’ve always known about Seasonic PSUs being excellent. They are so good that big name companies like Corsair actually use Seasonic PSUs for their high end skus and just rebrand them with their names. I did look at Corsair, but at what point do you just got straight to the source? At this point, in my opinion.

So I ordered the Seasonic 1000w Platinum Prime PSU. I just received it, excellent product. The cables are great, I like how they’re flat. Only issue I have is with the 24-pin, I wish it were flat as well, but it’s no big problem. I currently have an 8700k and RTX 2080ti, I plan to maybe go to zen2 when it releases depending on it’s performance. If I overclock my current hardware it can use quite a bit of power, so this 1000w should hopefully last me a few years. I’m happy with my purchase, it was a good price on a good PSU.

8. Premium Build Quality

Works well, there isn’t much to complain about with this Seasonic Prime Platinum 1000W power supply. I built it inside a Be Quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 and the process went fairly smoothly save for connecting the power plug receptacle, which is a fault of the case rather than the power supply. The CPU cables were slightly too short to reach my power supply at first so I had to lower my motherboard tray.

9. Solid PSU, and looks great

This Seasonic Prime Platinum 1000W PSU caught my eye because it looks much sleeker than most other PSU’s out there today, and seeing the high review rate didn’t hurt.

Now that I’ve received and installed it I can see why it’s highly rated. It’s well made, and hybrid mode is great. It saves power and helps with noise. Plus it’s got a 12 year warranty so you can’t really go wrong.

10. So far so good!

First computer I’ve built myself in a long time. Chose this power supply after some research and it’s only been running a week, but it’s quiet and worked perfectly straight out of the box. I’ll update if I have any issues, but I’m not expecting any. It seems very stable and with a 12 year warranty, I feel protected.

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