Are you on the lookout for Seasonic S12III 450W power supply? Founded more than decades back, Seasonic is a reliable name in the market. Its key motive is to supply power to the whole system. This entails processors, motherboard, hard drives, and graphics card. Seasonic presents a long list of various power supplies, all with different features, ideal use cases, and at different prices. Although power supply may not be the thrilling component, essentially it is the most crucial one. Once you hook the PC power supply to a wall socket, it distributes power to the remainder of your computer. For the same, it needs different power cables and connectors. From dozens of power supplies in the market, the following Seasonic S12III 450W power supply review lets you make an informed buying decision.

Seasonic S12III 450W Power Supply

Seasonic S12III 450W Power Supply

Possessing 80+ Bronze certification, the Seasonic S12III 450W power supply offers high power conversion efficiency.  It supports ATX12V & EPS12V direct cable wire output. This wattage is the most common for PC systems and therefore, this Seasonic S12III power supply can work with various computers.

The fixed cabling offers all the essential cables needed for a standard PC. Unlike the typical power supply, the fan is placed at the bottom of the unit. This kind of fan positioning offers efficient cooling and dissipates heat from the unit even under highly demanding conditions. The black finish presents an appealing look. For those video cards that require extra power, the power plugs are included.

Key Features

  • With the 80 PLUS Bronze standard, efficiencies are higher than 82%, 85%, and 82% at 20 %, 50 %, and 100 % operating loads, respectively.
  • The mentioned efficiency in combination with the Active Power Factor Correction allows the power supply to reduce energy wastage. So, it converts into savings on energy expenses.
  • Other features include Smart and Silent Fan Control (S2FC) and Double Forward Converter circuit design.
  • The built-in 120 mm sleeve bearing fan is controlled through the Seasonic S2FC fan control.

Pros And Cons

  • The operation does not demand lowering of voltages
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Fan control optimizes the fan speed for quiet operation
  • High cooling efficiency
  • Saving in energy costs
  • There was some feedback that it may shut off your computer

Final Thoughts

Seasonic has been a prominent name on the power supply market for several years. The above Seasonic S12III 450W power supply review highlights that the Seasonic S12III 450W power supplies are economical and also guarantees outstanding performance. They operate consistently to provide constant power to your PC system. What’s more, them are equipped with an efficient fan system for cooling.

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